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Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Kercem Ajax F.C. together with Active Youth Union are planning an exchange which is targeted at bringing together a group of 20 young people with a common interest in sports and providing an 8-day programme overseas with a solid structure for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports by concentrating on the benefits that can be gained by outdoor activities and an active lifestyle. As discovered in previous projects, sport plays a major role in promoting understanding, breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity. Prominence will be given to the importance of promoting an active life style through outdoor sports from an early age, where through various workshops and interest based discussions, issues such as levels of inactivity and obesity, the need to support and nurture emerging talent, and the formulation of worthwhile goals and performances from an early age are addressed. The programme will involve a mixture of workshops focusing on discussions about the importance of sport in our daily life and its' effect on our bodies to promote a healthier lifestyle. The programme outlined in the proposal will utilise an 8 day period on the islands of Malta & Gozo between youths from two EU partner countries and place 10 young people from Active Youth Union in Georgia (5 of which come from a lower socio-economic group) together with 10 young people from Malta & Gozo (2 of which have fewer opportunities) in a sport environment to develop their vocational skills, knowledge and confidence in this sector as well as improve their continuing personality development. The exchange is aimed at young European people working together through diversity to overcome barriers to employment by giving them an experience in learning what is happening in other countries in the sports and youth development sectors and by the gaining of new sports skills, as also personal development skills, including communication, customer service and teamwork through non-formal learning. Bringing together 20 young people in a youth exchange, 10 of which are travelling to a different country, is targeted at providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other's countries, histories and cultures whilst focusing on the main aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle through sports and outdoor activities. The project will allow 10 participants from Georgia to be hosted by Kercem Ajax F.C when in Gozo and supported by Kercem Ajax F.C.'s twinning partner Luxol Sports Club when in Malta, in order to participate together with 10 youths from Malta and Gozo in a joint programme of activities that promote a healthier lifestyle through sports, thus involving the active participation of a mixture of young Europeans which allows them to discover and become aware of different social and cultural realities, to learn from each other, to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and reinforce their feeling of being European Citizens. The objectives of this project are to increase the skills and knowledge, as well as to experience the emotional rewards associated with increased love for a subject or increased passion for learning. It is recognizable that most things in life are better learnt through non-formal processes and we target acquisition of this knowledge or learning which occurs in everyday life by focusing on a healthy lifestyle through sports that has not been fully valued or understood, thus giving participants a valued asset where knowledge gained from this exchanged can, not only be practiced, but also promoted within their social circles, schools, clubs and community groups. With this work plan for the youths to participate in we aim to promote mobility, non-formal learning, intercultural dialogue, encourage inclusion of all young people and provide support to youth work. We believe that bringing young people together from diverse cultures serves them to learn about each other and allows them to express openly their hidden capabilities. It is proposed that an Advance Planning Visit prior to the project will take place wherein venues mentioned in the timetable of activities for this exchange will be visited to assess the health and safety measurements which will be undertaken. Discussion of the detailed timetable will be on the agenda to ensure success of the programme with targets being met.
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