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Football clubs and citizens cross-border cooperation based on the common past, present and future (Border-Ball)
Start date: Dec 31, 2012, End date: Apr 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project is to establish cross-border cooperation between Football Club „TSK“ from Temerin and Zákányszék Municipal Sport Club from Zákányszék. This cooperation would ensure for active athletes, amateurs and children to get the chance to meet each other, share experiences and to meet with their neighbors and their culture, and to play international matches.These two clubs are in many ways similar. They compete in the approximately same level of competition in their national championships, have a similar organization of sports clubs and face similar problems.Target groups of the project are: active athletes, coaches, sports managers, professionals, NGO sector, youth organizations and children.The projects objective is to motivate as many as possible people to participate in sports activities, solving some of the problems and the improvement of the working conditions of the sports clubs, namely in the following several ways:* by organizing several tournaments for children and adults, organizing family and youth sports days, purchasing a system for watering of the field, a tractor for mowing the lawn,and by installing a lighting system around the football field.By organizing football tournaments, it will bring together a large number of people of different profiles, who will be dealing with sports issues, will socialize and share their experiences. For children, sports tournaments are a great opportunity to compete and prove their selves, and it provides a great experience for further development of personal and professional life. The organization of the traditional charity ball would attract a large number of people who are not directly involved in the events in clubs, and they could in an indirect way contribute and help the clubs.The project will last for 16 month. Achievements: The general objectives of the project were to harmonise and improve the standard of football activities in the Hungarian-Serbian border region by implementing a 16-month cooperation programme between the football clubs TSK in Temerin, Serbia, and Zákányszék in Hungary. This cooperation gave active athletes, amateurs and children the chance to meet each other, share experiences and become acquainted with their neighbours and their culture, and to play international matches as well. These two clubs have many similarities. They compete in approximately the same level of competition in their national championships, have a similar sport club organisation and face similar problems. Gathered around 20 football events on both sides of the border, 400 athletes of different ages, 500 children and pupils, 2000 amateur athletes, 5000 sports fans and supporters, as well as thousands of citizens, had the unique opportunity to participate in a cross-border professional, cultural and social exchange. During the project the partners organised several joint camps for children and tournaments for adults, family and youth sports days, indoor football tournament, penalty shoot-out competition, charity ball to name a few. The football club in Temerin celebrated its hundredth anniversary, and to mark the occasion they prepared and published a monograph about the club. During the activities, the participating children and young players improved their endurance and pro
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