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Food safety awareness for restaurants and school canteens

Restaurants and school canteens are small places that serves many people. These enterprises are inadequate in food safety and hygiene issues due to that overnumbered small business and their incapable controls. An effective food safety and hygiene education are needed at EU level in restaurants and school canteens in consequence of people from all walks and especially for children who covers the large part of customers. The main aims and objectives of the projects are inform workers about food safety and hygiene issues to create food safety awareness which is required for European Union and national laws. It’s an important point for people and children who holds our future. Tangible outputs which will be created under the Project are e-learning based web site, manuals, booklets and posters about food safety and hygiene. The occurrence of food safety awareness in the target audience and creating examples for the institutions which works in the branches of food production, sale and consumption are the intangible outcomes. As a result, by implementing of this Project, food infections and food poisoning hazards will be prevented and a step will be taken in the direction of public health protection and food safety awareness in the target group will consist.
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