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Food Recovery and Waste Reduction
Start date: 01 Nov 2012,

In Europe an estimated amount of 50% of the food produced is wasted. This changes from country to country and from sector to sector but in the best case not less than 20% of our food ends up as waste, while more than 50 million of Europeans are at the risk of poverty. Food waste contributes to excess consumption of freshwater and fossil fuels which, along with methane and CO2 emissions from decomposing food, impacts global climate change. Most of wasted food goes to landfills, which emits a big amount of methane, a greenhouse gas estimated to be 20 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.At the same time, there are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world and every 6 seconds one children dies because of problems related to underfeeding.This is simply unacceptable from a social, economic and environmental point of view.The idea beneath this project is to develop a training pathway for managers and representatives of the food supply chain in order to provide them with the necessary skills to reduce the wastage of foodstuff. Besides educational needs, the project aims to address the problem in a practical way, devising a simple and immediate solution to permit the natural match of demand and supply of unsold and unused food. There are, in fact, plenty of civil society organisations, associations, voluntary centres and informal groups providing charitable services, which could easily recover all the wasted food and assure its re-use. Those groups, charitable associations, are the second target of the project and will take part both in the training and exploitation phase. The e-learning system and the innovative IT solution for food recovery will be tested in the course of the project and improved, if needed, according to efficiency and quality criteria. The project aims to bring the food supply sector a step FoRWaRd in the efficiency of the order-supply-retail chain, so to reduce waste and improve social responsibility of economic actors.
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