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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Strategic Partnerships project addresses several fields of education and training - Culinary Arts, Art History, Health education along with some elements of Museum education. The project main goals are to develop an innovative blended course, exchange of experience and know-hows between different types of organisations involved in education - 4 vocational high schools, 2 schools providing general secondary education and 1 training agency focusing on delivering classes for adults. The idea of the project is to promote teaching Culinary Arts in the Visual Arts Historical and Cultural Context, to involve our students into various activities related to arts and food consumption; to provide open access to such materials, documents and media, making them available for the public, both in printed and digital form. We have produced three Intellectual Outputs: - a course curriculum "Food&Arts", which can be used in both secondary schools ( within such subjects as "Craft and Design" or "Technological Studies" or an optional course or as an extra-curricula activity for school clubs) and in vocational schools which offer "Culinary Arts" studies; - an Open Educational Resource for the blended course "Food&Arts"; - the Learning and Communication Environment which is an educational platform for setting up and maintaining of our blended course. Among the other project results and final products are: - the students' portfolios "Food&Arts", which contain any findings related to the topic "How food was depicted in different periods of Art History", such as pictures made by students; reproductions; photos; essays, reports, etc.; - exhibitions presenting numerous sets of a painting reproduction+a photo of the same dish made by students + the dish recipe; - videos "Master class" devoted to cooking dishes depicted on canvases; - collages about food sending a message about improving eating habits among students - collages contain not only food ingredients but also chemicals and were done as a junk food still life of pretzels, candy and cookies, or with empty junk food packages; - students' essays/reviews that contain a critical analysis of a work of art related to food; - a students' picture collection ‘Color and Visual Appearance in Foods’ made by using food (seeds, beans, etc.) as an art medium or subject to create foodscapes, paintings, sculptures; - fliers, promoting the project and its results as well as memory sticks, pens and pencils with the project website address. During the project cycle we held 3 transnational project meetings, 2 short-term joint staff training event, 1 short-term students' exchange and a multiplier event - a conference attended by 60 people, which contributed to disseminating the project results.
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