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This is a campaign to spread the knowledge of different food habits in Europe, a study of the geographical, environmental, climatic, and historical factors which determine the choice of different eating habits and a study of the best healthy correct European diets ."We are what we eat" is a famous expression by L. Feuerbach. Our nutritional status, health, physical and mental faculties depend on the food we eat and how we eat it.In the teenage levels, young people know that there are different foods, some "good" and some "bad." They also seem to understand that a person's height and size can depend on what he/she eats.They also know that food is related to growing and being strong and healthy, but they are not aware of the physiological mechanisms.The problems linked to bad eating habits go from the high consumption of junk food and alcohol, to the other extent of anorexia. We will guide students in studying, analyzing and learning the health problems caused by bad eating habits in their schools and in their territories to prevent serious diseases and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia,diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular problems.
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