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FONTES – Red temática para validar y difundir en el medio rural modelos de buenas prácticas y calidad en la formación profesional

The project aims the development of a thematic network “FONTES” with the purpose of collecting, analysing and disseminate good practices in training, new training models and new learning tools in the sector of agriculture and rural development contributing to give an European dimension to the sector and to increase the respective transparency of qualifications. The partnership, 12 partners in 8 countries, have identified through their own experience and through documentation produced by several projects related with rural development that it is necessary to develop a wider cooperation at European level related with VET in the mentioned sector in order to introduce a new European dimension in the existing profiles to facilitate a closer cooperation among the actors of the sector in Europe. To reach these objectives the project will develop a set of tools that will be tested and validated during the project: (1) an European Observatory aiming to increase the transparency at European level, to cover the special needs of specific target groups within the sector, the stakeholders contacts to get recognition and certification for the qualifications at European level and to promote the transfer of results; (2) a Centre of learning and information Resources; (3) a Guide of good practices including the necessary steps to modernise and adapt the training systems; (4) a website for dissemination of information and a telework platform to support the distance learning, the tutoring systems and a collaborative learning environment. The project target groups are women in the rural areas, marginalised young people without qualification and difficulties in insertion in the labour market, VET experts and experts in rural development sector.
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