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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is born in the context of a school where 84.2% of pupils are immigrants belonging to disadvantaged families at risk of social exclusion. Following an analysis of the needs of the school, the project is designed to focus mainly in the development of European citizenship, promoting respect and appreciation of diversity as a source of human enrichment, the value of dialogue as a tool conflict resolution and the learning of languages and the quality of education as fundamental pillars to fight against social exclusion and early school leaving. Our project of mobility for people with learning purposes fits into three main lines: -Going deeply into CLIL teaching methodologies, because we need to implement a bilingual programme in our school. Knowledge, -Study and deepening in methodologies and innovative teaching techniques. - Updating new technologies (ICT) and exchange of good practices and teaching and educational experiences. Through this project, we attempt to combat social exclusion by offering our students higher quality teaching through a multilingual education. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANT The four teachers who will participate in the motilities have a teaching experience of more than five years and are studying English at the Official Language School or have certificates of B1 and B2 in English. The participant staff is highly motivated and committed to the plans, projects and teaching processes that are being put into practice in the school. They are also assigned to different cycles and impart different areas, in order to get an effective implementation of a bilingual project in the school. All participants have strong communication skills and teamwork abilities, due to the fact that after attending the courses they will train their peers in the school and inform about their experience to other sectors. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES The activities are organized into three lines: Two courses focused on CLIL methodology -A Course focused on creative methodology and activities that promote motivation -A course focused on new technologies (ICT) METHODOLOGY The participants in the motilities will do a Daily Planning and a Dossier with information purposes, to spread information and their experience. They also will daily enter information in the school blog, where there will be uploaded videos, documents, files and materials created. New technologies will be used to transmit information through educational platforms, forums, etc. In addition, with the e-Twinning tool, links with other European schools will be established to create educational associations. The monitoring and assessment of the European Development Plan (E.D.P) will be carried out by the commission chosen by the Technical Board o Pedagogic Coordination. ANTICIPATED RESULT AND IMPACT The expected impact of the project will be high and is divided into several lines: INPROVEMENT IN THE TEACHING PRACTICE The impact that the project will have is really high, it will produce an improvement in the educational skills of the professionals involved. This will produce an apprenticeship of knowledge, a development of skills and a change in attitudes and behaviours. Improvements in the autonomous development and professional consciousness, in the production of materials and the creation of a learning community and in the elaboration of curricular material will be developed. The impact will reach all teachers in the school, because after the motilities, the participating teachers will train their peers. INPROVEMENT IN OUR STUDENTS Students will benefit from the implementation of innovative methodologies, the use of ICT and the bilingual learning that aims to promote this project obtaining a quality education. INPROVEMENT IN THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY Many attitudes will be changed and there will be an openness to promote a greater internationalization of our school and the development of European citizens with a strong European consciousness. INPROVEMENTE IN THE LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, EUROPEAN ZONE AND IN THE WORLD The experience will be transmitted by means of different tools in order to facilitate that any citizen in the world be aware of the importance of participating in such projects that involve a change of attitude and openness towards internationalization. POSSIBLE BENEFITS IN THE LONG TERM Benefits will impact primarily on the development of highly trained professionals who will provide quality education to students. The project will contribute to the building among students of a sense of European citizenship in which the respect for multiculturalism and the language learning are the pillars. This will facilitate European student mobility and social cohesion and inclusion.
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