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Follow the Crops, for your health
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Amigos de Europa" together with its partner organisations initiates a project “Follow the Crops, for your health" with participants involved both in youth field, healthy life and conscious lifestyle.We came up with the idea to implement this project during the Flash workshop. To be more clear it was a training course aiming at encouraging newcomers to start international projects in Erasmus+ Youth Programme. Organisation "Amigos de Europa" not only found the core of the partners for this project but also we with our partners came up with the idea of this YE.The main objectives of the project is to:1. Challenge the perceptions and raise awareness about consumerism (capitalism) culture;2. Overcoming the stereotypes of eating habits of vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters;3. Change habits of participants which demonstrate non- conscious life style;4. To learn how to grow own food (adaptable in the city with low space resources) and how to collect food from the nature;5. To encourage a healthy nutrition as natural part of the daily routine;A variety of educational tools and methods of non-formal learning and interactive participant orientated approaches as role plays, simulations, workshops, exercises theatre tools, debate sessions and presentations will be combined during the Activity.We are planning to use methodology according to the youth pass but as well we are about to improve the following competences of participants: 1. Young people will learn all the crops growing process: from planting to collecting fruits. Though it is long procedure and short period of time is not always enough, germinating would be the perfect solution in this case. We also see this project as to be continuous. Participants will also be asked to bring different seeds and later on we will mix them all together and each of them will bring some of the various seeds home, plant and will have a beautiful outcome of the project: grown plants from the "Follow the Crops, for your health" on their windowsill or in the garden. 2. Participants will be able to understand the differences of various eating habits and to consciously choose which one is the best for them. As most of the organisations have different experience, we are sure that participants will be able to gain very important knowledge about foods and will be motivated to interest even at home about this kind of topic.3. Youngsters will understand what is the consumerism culture and how it damages our world and will be able to make conscious decisions towards buying. Though the results of it almost never seen in the home country, the world is one big family therefore we really need to start to care about others. I.e. cheap clothing has a real cost and it is not fair that anybody sit 12 hours sewing and sewing until they collapse of dehydration and hunger. Most of the youngsters are not aware of this situation therefore we see how out partners from Netherlands can share their knowledge with other participants.4. Participants will learn how to survive in the nature. As we will go for the camping, it will be the priceless experience and challenge for them. We will also learn how to collect berries, mushrooms, various herbs which are very important for the health and it does not requires finances but only work.We do expect that partners will establish new partnerships and will develop concrete projects within Erasmus + programme, using conscious lifestyle as a core. Each partner commits to continue the local activities with learning outcomes from the project. We consider local transfer workshops as additional measures of dissemination and exploitation of results achieved during this project.The activity will consist in a youth exchange, to be held in Lucena, Spain, from 17th to 28th of October. APV will be held 2-4th of October, 2016 in Lucena, Spain. We are 8 partners: in total 40 persons (including group leaders).
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