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Förderung von Kreativität und Entrepreneurship durch Musik, Performance und kulturelle Zusammenarbeit
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As overall issues Musik kreativ+ combines the positive development of basic skills and competences like musical creativity and entrepreneurship, performance and cultural collaboration. Besides classical cognitive and social competences most parts of the working environment require creative competences. These competences promote divergent thoughts and support leaving common ways of thinking. The basic characteristics of entrepreneurship are described by discovering chances, enforcing innovations, usage of resources and taking risks. As well as in research of creativity as in research of entrepreneurship there are aspects described and supported by a musical-productive way of education. Participants have to deal with an immense cultural education, self-reflection and reflection of the environment, getting into dialogue with other participants, usage and combination of existing resources and products with proper musical thoughts. Achievement motivation, initiative and stamina are demanded to realize these ideas on an international level. Meeting culture is feeling more and more alien to pupils in fact of their socialization and their educational backgrounds. In the section of music classes get shortened in most European schools or at least eliminated completely. This leads to a lack of sufficient places and institutions of cultural exchange to solve those deficits. Musik kreativ+ tends to create an international programme for teacher education by proving and establishing sustainably. The profile of teaching profession should be revised and strengthened by further training in creative methods like music production and performance in combination with entrepreneurship. Pupils should be lead to produce their own music and market it. Another aspect is the collaboration between cultural partners. Partnerships between education and employment on a national and transnational level are built up by interactive teaching and learning arrangements and strengthen the awareness of an European cooperation. Musik kreativ+ includes 12 partners from four countries: France, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. Every country builds up collaboration between university, school and a cultural partner (ensemble). Every university is an artistic-pedagogical institution of teaching and research focused on education and advanced education of future teachers. The cultural partners profile through immense artistically experience and reputation. Schools participate by long-term know-how in teaching practice and include heterogeneous groups of pupils from primary school to chosen scholarship holders of international A-levels. Over a period of three years there will develop a programme for advanced teacher education in detailed steps which will be realized on different stages. In year I a conceptual draft will be developed and proved in collaboration between students, lecturers and cultural partners. In year II optimizing and proving of developed learning and teaching materials (including videos) will take place on national level in classroom situations and on transnational level by exchanging, testing and evaluating materials with teachers and cultural partners. On two workshop-weekends the developed materials of all partners will be collected and presented in a best-practice event. In year III the materials will be optimized by a curriculum and lead to programme for advanced teacher training. Those outcomes will be first presented in each partner countries and afterwards as final version on a transnational workshop during the final conference. Musik kreativ+ creates an international accessible, multilingual internet platform which will enable everyone to be part of the projects products and publications, teaching and learning materials. The materials of pedagogy will be implied in European advanced teacher education. Every participant of the project benefits by the products, the gained professionalization and the expertise in cases of innovative teaching. Intercultural awareness will be gained by interactions between European partners. Key competences like social and entrepreneurial competence, cultural awareness and cultural expression will be strengthened within all partners. This will lead to an European added value by transparency, the influences of every partner into the companionship and public accessible pedagogic materials. Musik kreativ+ includes an Europe-wide learning community in music pedagogy, creativity, entrepreneurship, performance and strengthens the position of Europe's universities on an international level.

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