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För en mångsidigare framtid
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The background to our projects lie in our future where we as a minority school will move together with a majority school into the same building where we will partly share the same facilities but still have an administration of or own. And we need in this situation create new and dynamic and well-functioning cooperation to meet the demands of tolerance and of maintaining the respect for differences.At the same time our school has a need to hold its own position as a school with ambition , relevant topic clusters, modern and creative teaching methods, and a strong Finland Swedish identity , mother tongue and language education, to enable it to stay an attractive choice of school for bilingual families in today's harsh linguistic climate.The third challenge is the adjustment of the education to the multicultural reality which migration and crises in he world make us face. We will need tolerance, internationalism and the ability to handle conflicts.With these three challenges in the harsh economic reality which the schools nowadays have to function in with decreased resources for the less able, bigger groups, and diminished support , we turn towards Europe. We want to create a school where our demands can be met and processed in a sustainable way.We will send six teachers to take part in Erasmus + courses in those subject areas which relate directly our challenges. We enforce our mother tongue education with film and media instruction, then we tie this together with a more creative and varied education in languages through drama.We invest in precautionary measures in pupil welfare and work with new groups of pupils with stress management and preventing absences and school drop out as we at the same time continue with the KIVA team and FRIENDS education.We want to find ideas on how to renew our assessment so it corresponds to to what school should require of the education today. A more versatile assessment is also a fairer assessmentAnd finally we want to create prerequisites and a base for a tolerant and understanding attitude to the refugee crises and migration of today through an expert teaching of history and civics where backgrounds and events which have led to the situation of today can be analyzed and explained. With the hopeful thought that history still can bring us tools for displaying mercy for those in need of protection today by comparing the situation to what has happened before or giving objective background to the play of power which has caused this refugee crisesWe sincerely hope and believe that a multicultural school and a multicultural society can be built which involves less conflict and more tolerance. These challenges we want to get better tools to process through an ongoing multicultural education of teachers who will thus convey new creative ways of working to multicultural groups of studentsI
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