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Focus on youth
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the "Focus on youth' project is building European identity and mutual understanding in the group of youth leaders, youth workers and teachers interested in non-formal methods of education from Romania, Czech Republic, Malta, Hungary, Turkey and Poland. It will be done through acquiring by them methods enabling course participants to promote various forms of recreation activities, healthy diet and different methods of copying with stress among young people they work with. The project also aims at: - acquiring project participants of the ability of using non formal methods of work in the field of health education and recreation, - integrating the participants with local people, - getting to know about the physical activities of young people in Siret, Susice, Konya, Koszeg, Malta and Chojna, - getting to know various ways of promoting healthy eating habits, - getting to know methods of encouraging young people to being physically active, - introducing alternative methods of physical activity, - getting to know various methods of copying with stress and using them in the youth work, - acquiring the ability of building the assertiveness concerning usage of tobacco, alcohol and drugs among young people. There will be 25 participants in the "Focus on youth" training course: youth leaders, youth workers and teachers who want to use non formal methods of work. The project participants can be divided into two age groups: youth leaders are aged 18-30, they are very often graduates of secondary schools, some of them could be unemployed, or university students.The other group consists of teachers willing to use non formal methods and youth workers. The age of members of that group may vary. The number of female and male course participants will be similar. The training course "Focus on youth" activities will be conducted using non formal education methods such as integration games, pantomime, presentations, brain storms, discussions, needs search, public presentation, project method, individual and group work. Participants of the training course "Focus on youth" will acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities of organising in a safe way various forms of physical activities for young people, alternative forms of physical activities, promoting healthy behaviour, discouraging from using drugs, alcohol and tobacco and copying with stress. They will get to know how to evaluate youth projects and disseminate their results. The participants will also learn about the Youthpass and the opportunities Erasmus+ gives. There will be course participants of various cultural backgrounds in the course so it will improve their social and cultural competences. A training pack with activity plans, games and other activities will be prepared and given to project participants. It will be also available as OER on the Douzelage Association website.
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