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Focus on CLIL /Content and Language Integrated Learning/
Start date: 25 Jul 2016, End date: 24 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background information:"Language is not an abstract construction of the learned, or of dictionary makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, affections, tastes of long generations of humanity." /Noah Webster/This citation can be the ars poetica of our 50 year-old-primary school, that became a Hungarian-English bilingual school in 2008.A bilingual school emphasises teaching in Content and Language Integrated Learning /CLIL/, which is flexible, inclusive, transferable and holistic. There is focus on motivation, on learners' involvement in their education. Content goals are supported by language goals. In addition to a focus on content and language there is a third element of it: the development of learning skills. So the main characteristic of a bilingual school is given by the subjects taught in English besides English as a subject which is taught five lessons a week.The subjects we teach in lower classes are: Music, Art, P.E. and in years 3 and 4 Nature and Science. In upper classes they are: Music, Art, Nature and Science and Civilization, then I.T., and in years 7 and 8 Geography. Our school had the opportunity to employ a native speaker teacher too, who is able to pass on to his students his authentic language skills. The teachers of our school are committed to this new type of language teaching, lifelong learning and they continuously develop their teaching skills and competences. In addition we try to focus on ecological and environmental education and as a result of our efforts we recently achieved the title of Ecological School and recieved our award on 30 January 2016.The goal of our project is Content and Language Integrated Learning which embraces the spirit of the school and of the teachers personally. In Hungary this type of teacher training is very rare so we hope we are successful in this application in order to improve our skills, knowledge and competence in this area with the added benefit of taking part in these special courses in the country of origin of our target language surrounded by the people and culture. We have chosen six different training courses we feel will be of great benefit to us and to other teachers in the surrounding area through sharing our new knowledge and practice on our return. Name and profile of partcipants, the place and the date of the courses:Bakó Judit is taking part in "Practical Teacher" course in London 2016. 08.01-08.12.Gálné Vas Csilla has chosen the course " English in the primary classroom" in Brighton 2016.08.01-08.12.Kovácsné Bokk Éva's course is "Content and Language Integrated Learning" in Brighton 2016.08.01-08.12.Molnár Mónika is taking part in a CLIL course in Dublin 2016.08.15-08.19.Oroszi Hajnalka has chosen the "Theory and practice of CLIL" course in Dublin 2016.08.15-08.26.Patócsné Szoboszlai Andrea Tünde is taking part in "Classroom skills for teaching young learners - includes CLIL" course in London 2016.08.01-08.12.Description of activities in brief:I. Prepration: setting up the project team, having preparation meetings, brainstorming, completing the application form, getting documents, choosing the courses carefully.II. Implementation: coordination with the study centres, organizing the transport, participation in the chosen courses. Continuously keeping in contact with our school, writing a blog and a report.III. Results and evaluation: first of all, the self-evaluation of the participants. Then summary reports, dissemination at school and in the public area, followed by a final evaluation.Expected results:As our chosen courses are focusing on Content and Language Integrated Learning the results will be the development of the teachers' competence , skills and special knowledge of new methodology. We will be able to motivate our pupils more effectively and encourage them in learning a foreign language by setting an example. Our intention is that current and future pupils will gain an advantage from our improved teaching ability and that the word will spread and popularity of this type of education will increase in the long run.
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