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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Culture is the lifestyle of a society. It is the whole of products that humanbeings socially passed down to coming generations. This whole consists of all kinds of concrete and abstract products such as language, thinking, tradition, institutions, law, art pieces. Each country minds their own culture and creates the necessary structures for its preservation, development and transfer to future generations. As time passes, the demand for hand woven products decreases. Our sense of art changes together with our lifestyle. With the impact of the wave that was started by the Industrial Revolution, hand work lost its battle against industrial productions long time ago. This defeat also causes the extinction of some cultural objects. In our Flying Carpet Project, the aim is not to let our hand weaving culture fly away and to help it continue its historical journey. Reminding of our weaving culture and transferring it to rising generations are targeted. For this purpose, the participants will first learn how to weave a rug. An "Europe Rug" will be created bringing all woven rugs together. Besides weaving, with cultural workshops that are will be carried out, the participants will get to know each other's cultures more closely and will develop their senses of tolerance and understanding. Our project is going to take place with 42 participants from six different countries. They are going to learn to be together, share, and coordinate with different cultures for ten days besides all the preparation and dissemination works. Prejudice and exlusion will be prevented with multicultural activities.
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