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Florist E-learn book, and quality insurance in secondary florist studies by using FlorCert as a tool.
Start date: Dec 30, 2016, End date: Dec 29, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To collaborate on quality in European florist training is of utmost importance. We have seen that in previous projects and we have also seen the impact we can have if we work together in education on national, local and European level by the previous TOI- project (2009-1 LEO05-02269) and the on going partnership-project (2012-1-LEO04-119764) Collaboration serves several purposes , partly by increasing transparency in the various countries' education systems, to compare different courses through the tools available (EQF , NQF , EQVET ) to facilitate work and study abroad and to make VET-education more attractive. In such a young industry as the florist business we also have to look into the future and raise the awareness about what skills and competencies that makes (young) people employable. To prepare students to take part in the society and be prepared to work and study in an European context. There is joint responsibility for raising the quality and status of the profession as a such and work together for a better quality in the education. The project focus on the following priorities: "developing basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism in all fields of education and training, using innovative and student-centred pedagogical approaches and developing appropriate assessment and certification methods, based on learning outcomes" "enhancing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) uptake in teaching and learning, through the support of learning and access to open educational resources (OER) in the education and training fields, supporting ICT - based teaching and assessment practices and by promoting the transparency of rights and obligations of users and producers of digitised content" "promoting stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be easily recognized across borders; The project is based on tree intellectual outputs.The project can be described by the development of different levels :The first step is the use of FlorCert as a way to raise awareness and organize training for students with the florist e-learn book.Increase teachers' competence in the tools to measure and compare the quality of the education. Give teachers greater competence in the assessment and also greater inter cultural competence and understanding in different school systemsTo give students a clear exit and possibility to be make an exam and get a FlorCert - certificate in order to seek work in other countries, and to create European networks among students and future employers through exchanges and participation in project events.The above has clearly shown in previous projects and for those who participated, we can see a great development both of professional skills and transversal skills .The second part in the project is a need that has emerged in our previous projects. To have better tools for the work with the assessment and teaching. Therefore, we will construct an e-platform where we easily can update important documents but also develop the learning management system that students will use. We need to clarify a common professional language and have available reference material in education when it comes to florist techniques, florist styles etc. Today this material doesn't exist. We have decides to create a e-learning platform that can work both as a book but also to develop ICT - competence among teachers and students by making a common digital platform for communication, preparations for international workshops etc.Participants in the project are partners from the previous project which gets a strong foundation for the upcoming project. We have also linked Slovakia that have seen the importance of the work. All partners will contribute with their areas of expertise in addition to attend to transnational seminars, teacher- and student mobilities. EG Italy has very good distribution possibilities via an e- magazine , The school In The Netherlands has good opportunities to work with the website,photography and web publishingBased on the success in previous projects that had considerable influence in schools and even in some cases the entire education system , we are convinced that the way we worked on with building from below and from within based on an identified need of employers in the sector is a good way to develop florist education in a sustainable manner. By adding more ICT skills in schools, we imagine that the opportunity for collaboration increases, the availability of training and joint document facilitates the understanding of the profession's various parts, as well as to increase the linguistic skills of both staff and pupils. Much of this will be available even after the project period. These environments are also available for schools, shops, and some to consumers.

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