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Floriculture Mediterranean: Innovative actions for pubblic and private network (Flormed)
Start date: May 31, 2009, End date: May 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Flower sector distinguishes itself as a global sector where there is a strong competition by big international enterprises and by countries where labour cost is low EU is the main market in the world for consumption of cut flowers. Inside this area Germany is the biggest consumption market while Netherlands acquired the leader role among producers thanks to big organization capacities. Generally the Italian, French, Spanish and Greek companies have met more difficulties with respect to the German and Dutch ones in the run for competitiveness FLORMED wants to promote strategies to generate synergies at transnational level to carry production and markets of the Med area to cooperate, exceeding the competitive pushes on the development of the single and peculiar points of force of everyone Innovation is the first step for flower sector in Med area and represents a key element for the competitiveness of local productions. The priority objective is the improvement of the varieties already cultivated in Med territory interested; it is also important to identify and to experiment new kind and variety suitable for the cultivation in the Med area with the objective to save water and energy. Innovations have a real value if we transfer them to SMEs. It’s important to create a real network among research, institution, producers and sellers to promote and valorise med flower. It’s also important to work together to communicate and to promote among final consumers the quality for med flower. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startThe partners completed the activities foreseen within the project. Concerning the Communication, the lay out for the promotional materials have been done together with the web site which will be implemented also during the next months. 9 newsletters have been prepared in Italian and in English. 2 spots have been prepared by partners and they have been transmitted several times by regional and local TVs. 20.000 promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, documents and CDs) have been distributed to stakeholders by partners. Concerning the Management, partners produced: 6 steering committee have been realised with the participation of all partners 6 reports as well as 6 certification of expenditures and payment claims have been prepared, reaching a level of expenditure of ? of the total budget. The Transnational network permitted to prepare 1 database for strategic Med flowers - standardisation procedures - and the completing of the operative network thanks to the audit on line. The markets of Hyeres and Sanremo are now operating with respect of the standardisation manuals containing characteristics for the Med flowers and the network for the governance established within partners is searching to implement the on line selling also in Spain and Greece, even if the project ended. The research component defined the model plants and protocol for innovation on nursery and production, also concerning old Med species to be recovered and sold on the markets. Pilot projects, specifically on site tests, have been produced so to address production towards innovation and betterments. The research network has been established been the partners in strict relationship for new activities and improvements. The component on Pilot Project for the promotion of the MED flowers has been completed with success, being the business meetings realised also abroad the MED area with interest from stakeholders and possible buyers.Latest project activities and outputsC1: participation and promotion of the Flormed project and of its results at different event, most of all the 2 fairs in Warsaw and Kiev on March and April 2012 with contacts with possible buyers. Publication of articles in technical journals, in web sites concerning floriculture and in specialistic reviews. Improvement of the Flormed website. Publication and dissemination of the latest edition of the Flormed newsletter to stakeholders, reaching more than 2.000 contacts in the MED area. C2: organization of the last steering committee and final event, held in Sanremo, Italy, on May 2012. Preparation of the final reports and certifications of expenditures and conclusion of the project. C3: benchmarking of the data arising from the informative systems in Hyeres and in Sanremo. The partners had video conferences on June 2012 for evaluating the possibility to improve the on line audit also in Spain and Greece C4: organization of meetings with producers and evaluation of the results of the tests held on the MED species with entrepreneurs meetings held so to permit technology transfer to SMEs C5: participation to events and fairs, specifically Fairs and B2B with buyers, held in Warsaw and Kiev at the end of the project, so to promote the selling of the MED flowers to new buyers.Next key steps for the projectMainly the organization of other B2B with wholesalers and retailers coming from the North of Europe so to better know Med producers and to define new commercial strategy. Promotion of the MED flowers to the final users in the markets of the North of Europe. Realization of new events permitting to disseminate project's results and to present strategies for the implementation of theMED floriculture to policy makers and stakeholders. Implementation of the on line audit within other MED countries, starting from Spain and Greece, adopting the standard procedures developed within Flormed. The partners are evaluating the possibility to finance these activities with public/private funds and will also evaluate the possibility to propose new project to EU DGs and Agencies.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Programme MED
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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