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Flipping Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The FLIPPING FIRST project has a main objective of creating a base of teachers using FlipClass methodologies in VET. The main trend is to look at Flipped Classroom concept as the basis for a more general change of model that somehow raises the return to a Student Centered education, giving the way to a model of 'open school'.The project will create courses and resources for 3 English courses and 3 ICT courses. This will be done by training teachers on how to implement FlipClass and use these courses with learners between 14 and 18 years in 3 strands:16 yrs+ in further education, Students and young people in VET and 14-16 pre NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training), but also for inclusive education and disadvantages students due to the personalization options the framework will give.The partnership comprises of six partners in six European countries: Poland (INNEO - Studio Twórczego Rozwoju), Hungary (SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakközépiskola), UK (Exponential Training & Assessment Limited), Belgium (ARTEVELDEHOGESCHOOL), Netherlands (Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work) and Spain (Jaitek Tecnología y Formación SL). We have assimilated the partners based upon their individual knowledge and practices, but, also to ensure we create a European width to provide greater integration of EU member states educational systems and practicesThe project will start with the development of the common communication and management tools and reports:1. Website, 2. Promotional materials.3. Dissemination Plan (communication and social networks) 4. Newsletters. (each six months in all partners languages)5. Evaluation Plan. 6. Exploitation plan. (To do during the last 5 months of project)With the experience of the partners about Flipped Class Methods and Software and tools that can be used to create them we will design the overall framework and templates that will be available to create the resources. This will be done in IO1. FLIPPING FRAMEWORK DESIGN (FFD) and at the same time work in the first version of IO2. FLIPCLASS HANDBOOK (FH), which will be a guide for teachers on how to do work in the framework, considerations to be made, good examples, how to deal with the creation of resources, platforms to include the resources, technologies (software and web 2.0 services) to be used and possible access to training in those technologies. There will be 3 versions of both the FFD and the FH using the experience of the pilots in the project.It is very important to create good video resources what will be done in IO3. FLIPCLASS RESOURCES and the resources will be for teachers (active methodologies and Flipping Class Tools) and for VET students (Entrepreneurship and Tourism). Resources will be in video format and some other might be accessible directly in the web 2.0 service used to create them. Those in video format as result will be upload to a project youtube channel. All these Open Educational Resources (OER) could be used independently what gives more reusability options, and can be reuse so easily in many Learning Management Systems. The main software that will be used to create final videos is Camtasia, but also Office Mix as this might be available for those teachers using Power Point.Then, we create the needed elearning (moodle) and social (elgg) platforms in IO4. FLIPPING FRAMEWORK IMPLEMENTATION together with 6 courses will be created, using the resources from IO3 and creating all the activities linked to the resources.Once courses ara ready we will do the pilots:IO5. PILOT WITH TEACHERSwhere the teachers involved in the project will be testing the system as students, to get a very good knowledge of what can be done in the framework of the project.Then, these teachers will work with their students in the IO6. STUDENTS PILOTWorking about Entrepreneurship and Tourism using the project Framework with VET students.Both pilots will be monitorized and analyzed byIO7. FLIPPED CLASSROOM LIGHTS (AND SHADOWS)to detect pros and contras of working with this method, and if there are possibilities to overcome the difficulties and fails that may happen in the pilots.Besides, we will include also companies that are interested in this method of training and are interested in training their employees using this method.The project holds 5 transnational partner meetings to discuss project progress, resolve operational and financial issues and elaborate on project activities and ensuring the aims and outcomes planned are achieved. There will also be 1 multiplier event in each country in order to disseminate and expand results of the project.Dissemination of the project done by the partners will cover all levels, local, regional, national and European. And will focus on the possible target groups of the project, i.e. educational Institutions.Sustainability will be achieved due to the partnership, which already has strong relations with several associations of educational institutions and work regularly with teachers
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