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Flight and connect tourism (FACT)

Aero-tourism is a relatively new market niche in the tourism industry. While it is unlikely that aero-tourism will dominate the rural / regional tourism market, it has the potential to play a supporting role. And like other rural tourism niches, such as nature-based tourism and heritage tourism, aero-tourism needs to be further developed and marketed to the traveling public.The Air Club of Edessa lies at the foot of Mount Kaimaktsalan (2500m), a vast choice of natural glider takeoff runs for hang-gliders and paragliders.The main actions envisaged for Aero Cluab of Edessa are the following;- Construction of a hangar of 800 m2- Purchase of a modern two-seater self launched glider and of a glider winch launching machine for the purpose of modernizing the Gliding School and promoting aero tourism in the region- Creation of an Aero-Sports Museum, housed in the hangar and covering an area of 300m2 and the formation of a outdoor museum area- Organization of anAirshow, a gliding competition, summer air camp for children up to 15 years old and provision of seminarsfor gliding trainers in Edessa AeroclubInformation & Publicity activities include open events, press conferences, promotional material, e-newsletters and project logo and slogan.
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