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Flag it! Using digital tools to map environmental issues
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

"Flag it!" aims at equipping young people interested in media with the tools they need to raise awareness of globalenvironmental challenges by bridging social media, technology and scientific information. The training course willbe based on the best practice provided by our Brazilian partner oEco in mapping deforestation in the Amazonbasin.Venue(s): Brussels - Belgium, Bucharest- Romania, Sao Paulo - Brazil, Legazpi - Philippines, Lagos - Nigeria.48 young people from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will learn how to use technology and social media in order to report about environmental issues. Four different seminars with 12 participants each will be organiseeHn--" Europe, Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.Participants will take part in training sessions on environmental issues and data visualization for environmental purposes. They will be trained to set up their own web platforms using tools readily available online. Participants will get familiar with free digital mapping tools, such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Fusion Tables.Crowdmap, Ushahidi, Geocommons, among many others. They will explore databases and websites which contain information that might be useful on the local context. Participants will train their skills while creating maps or stories thanks to the tools they familiarized with. Participants will be taken on field trips in some of the areas most affected by deforestation in the different places where the seminars are happening; here, they will be able to relate some of the issues handled during classes (geotagging pictures, recording trail and points of interest with their own GPS or mobile applications).As a result of the training, participants will be equipped with skills to use technology, social media and data visualization to map environmental problems in their region. They will put to test their newly-acquired skills by going back in their communities and using what they have learned to flag environmental challenges in their region. Forty-eight stories will be produced as a follow up activity.The stories produced by the young participants will be disseminated through social media by the partners of the projects and by the participants and will also be promoted through other communication channels of the partners, such as newsletter, websites and partners' networks. Participants will be taught to replicate the training they received and spread the knowledge they gained among other young people.The project will enhance young people's abilities to use the tools they already use in a new way, to discover and map environmental challenges and to raise awareness among other young people in their communities. Participants will thus enhance their understanding of active participation in society and will work together with young people from other continents to tackle and raise awareness of the global issues of environment and climate changes.
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