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Five Counties Holidays

The project seeks to assist businesses on either side of the border increase their co-operation and productivity through joint working. This will involve developing a proactive marketing strategy for the two businesses in order to raise their profile across the border region and identify new product opportunities in export markets (Germany,Switzerland, Sweden and France) and generate new export sales from these markets.Key actions will include joint product developmenta nd joint market development. Achievements: A joint initiative between Horse Holiday Farm Ltd. in County Sligo and Ardmourne House in County Tyrone this projected exploited the a niche market of tourism packages focused on horse riding and English language tuition. Both companies had considerable experience in this market and as a means to exploiting the cross border potential of their combined product offering formed a cross border company ‘Five Counties Holidays Ltd.’ with the aim of further developing joint tourism products, carrying out development in export markets and to share complementary networks, skills and infrastructure. Targeting the Swiss and German markets and to a lesser extent the Swedish and French markets the project developed and implemented a tailor made joint marketing strategy focusing on the provision of horse riding and English language tuition. A part-time marketing executive was employed to implement the strategy, develop joint marketing support materials and to carry out market development work with agents in target export markets. The overarching aim of the strategy was to create tourism products which add to the sustainability of each partner via increased additional revenue enabling them to reinvest in their product offering and ultimately increase their market share. Marketing activities to the overseas market included Five Counties Holidays features in prominent publications such as Marina Tours – Germany, Shamrock Irelandreisen – Germanay, SSH – Switzerland. Brochures were produced in German, English, Swedish and French languages. The project also attended prominent trade shows in Pferd and Gagd, Horse Fair, Olympia Christmas Show and Poaard. The end of the project was marked with the launch of the website,
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  • 50%   38 500,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Ireland - Northern Ireland (IE-UK)
  • Project on KEEP Platform