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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our vocational school we train in a three year full-time school course in secondary education students in vocational training and for the entrance to universities of applied science. Seven students of this course at the end of the second year will be send for their practical training in companies in the EU. This eigth week practical training is necessary to get the permisson for the certificate exams. in the curriculum this practical training is important for getting the vocation. In addition, in our vocational school we train IT-specialists in the dual system. They close their 3-year training with an examination of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Ten stundents per year of this course in the 2nd half of the 2nd year of the training will be given the opportunity to work for a month in their work experiences in other European countries. The students should get the chance getting their first work experiences abroad to get in contact with the european work market. Such experiences are veryy usefull and important for their career. They will learn how IT works abroad, will prove their competences in foreign languages and learn IT subjects at their work. Also they will get a lot of intercultural competences live and work in a strange country for two weeks for their own. Our partners are proved in these activities in the last years. We know the responsible persons at our partners personally so we can agree easyly in the learning contract for the students. The activities in the full-time school course have started in autumn 2013 with the information of the new students. They made their application in a precontract. The election who take part at the project we decide one year later. Now the preparations of the delegation start. Then they apply at the partners for their practical training. As soon they get the commitment we make the contract and give them the first part of the grant. Then they organize their travel and the accomodation supported by our partners. Also they arrange the terms of the learning contract. During the implementation the partners and the promotor evaluate continously the practical training of the students. The planning in the courses of the dual system provides stays for the following periods: 03/07/16 to 04/08/16 and 03/27/17 to 04/28/17. The activities have started in fall of 2014 with the information of potential participants. In fall of 2015, the call for applications for activities in spring of 2016 starts. The selection of participants is carried out in December 2015. The preparatory course begins at January 2016. For the second stay in spring of 2017, the information of potential participants will be start in autumn 2015. Applications will be accepted in fall of 2016 and the participants will be selected in December 2016. The preparatory course begins in January 2016. The plan is to train already acquired knowledge in IT system development in the European countries and to get practical experience in this working field. The focus of this project is to learn and apply general project management methods and IT-specific process models. The intention is to use self-organized learning methods. During the working process the students have to create and perform multilingual documentation and presentations. The assigned tasks are to be processed by self learning and improvement of vocational IT professional content. The business process orientation is one of the goal of professional work. The students create and enhance IT systems in the destination country for production use. At the end of the project the students - build up there technical skills - build up their language knowledge in Englisch - have learned the basics of another language - acquire intercultural competences - purchase personal competences in their self reliance
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