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Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As we know,now youngsters are becoming unhealty people because of: Foods, inactivity, addiction to technology or any material and bad habit. It is a big problem nowadays but if we dont protect from it,can be worse for our future generations. Some youngsters are interested in sports but several reasons are causing them to quit doing sports. Also many of them only doing the popular sports. There are many kinds of sports in the world.But why they only interested in popular ones? Why even they know but they aren’t interested in non-popular sports? Why the youth getting addicted to drugs even they know it’s bad?All this questions must be answered, examined and we need to take precautions about it.So as we “Fedakâr Sporcular” we want to achieve this project for: youngs; will interested in more sports, learn other sports will be against addiction through sports and they will do that multicultural and improve themselves.Based on these purposes; Contents and purposes of our project:-Showing to youngs that there are some other sports.-Making sport a routine for them.-Psychologic effects of sports.-Popularizing sports and thinking it necessary.-Breaking forejudge.-Creating awareness against addiction.-Giving chance to youngs with limited opportunities.-Make the other sports more popular.Our project will take place between 21-27.04.2016 in SakaryaThere will be 44 participants. From Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, England and Romania has six participants.Turkey has eight participants. Every country has 2 athletes, 2 participants with limited opportunities and 1 ex-addict and 1 leader.Sports activities: There are five kinds of which are; Badminton, Dart, Chess, Marathon, Orientiring, Archery and HandballBenefits of Badminton: Helps to improve agility&balance.Benefits of Dart/Archery: Socializeing,self confidince,motivation,better analytical intelligence, Hand-eye coordination.Benefits of Marathon: Opens mind, increases the consentration strength, improves visual memory.Benefits of Chess: Strategicly thinking,helps to gain encourage,helping to use time better, Shows person to find another way to win, shows person that you need sacrifice something for winning.Benefits of Handball/ Orientiring: Helps to gain condition and strength. Teaches hand-eye harmony and teamplay.Also there will be; presentations about drug and technology addiction,team-building games, language courses, morning exercises, experiments about harms of cigarette and alcohol,intercultural nights, non-popular sports activities and several evaluation activites in this project.Our method is: Showing them in activities and helping them to repeat it, observation,active learning,enquiry,question-answer,role play,practising,trying and making mistake,sentences that i wrote above is simply our tecniques that we are going to use.And they are part of The common and winding education system.In this activities we are going to use; sports materials,gym,board,fabric,paper and all of that activities will be a team activity.In addition participants are going to use analyzing method.We are going to visit a helpful NGO named Yeşilay and we will show there how they fight against addiction.Also we will visit National Education Directorate.We will use gym of a high school and we are going to poll the students.Anticipating Results; cultural interaction,knowledge about addiction,learning other sports,learning basics of other languages.Long term results are;Our participants do sports for their enitre life and influencing to their entourage, at the end of project they understand importance of sports, breaking their forejudge, tolerance and solidarity, avoiding from racism,doing social work for youngs with limited opportunities and equal opportunities.
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