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fit 4 future with green skills

By introducing the ECOPROFIT Assistant training course to the European market we intend to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues that are affecting people’s personal as well as professional environment. Furthermore, participants shall understand why it is so important that we look after our environment and most of all how we can do that. As a result we want them to enhance their competency profile when it comes to career development, applications for an employment and to their lifestyles. The course combines a practical toolkit of interventions to reduce your ecological footprint that can be integrated into private or professional fields. The European goal for a better sustainable environmental development is only possible by increasing the green skills by all people.The main objectives of this project are:- to standardize the curriculum (European standard)- to adapt it according to special needs of the workplace in European countries- to modify the trainings booklets and materials - to test it via pilot courses for various target groups (pupils, adults)- to transfer the train the trainer concept- to set up certification boards to assure the sustainability of the product- to share the lessons learned- to prepare for further dissemination within EuropeIn our consortium we have partners from 5 countries (AT, PL, CZ, IT, UK). - The CPC (AT) has developed the ECOPROFIT ASSISTANT Training and will guide and manage the project. - bit cz (CZ) and CTC (PL) are progressive companies specialized on educational programs for organizations and companies of all types and sizes. - TRAINING 2000 (IT) is a VET organization certified in the Marche Region for regional training, with experience in youth and adult education. - One Planet Ventures (UK) has vast experience in technical environmental training and transfer projects.The main outcomes of our project are:- complete set of materials in different languages (training book, trainer's book, workshop materials, e-testing, web information, dissemination-flyer)- min of 70 trained persons (employees, unemployed, students/pupils) in the pilot training courses- min of 10 trained trainers (for beginning 2 in each country)- min 300 training units in pilot testing phase - min. of 70 e-tests completed- min of 60 persons successfully passed the e-testing- 5 National Contact & Certification Points - a total of 10 Roadshow-Events for dissemination

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