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Fish tourism & ichthyotourism: implementation of joint marketing strategies for the sustainable management of the environment and tourist demand (Fish tourism)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Fish Tourism aims to implement in a pilot scale a fishtourism & ichthyotourism project in Greece utilising Italian experience & know-how. Fishermen and other stakeholdes will have an alternative activity, aiming to provide an alternative occupation and reduce and control the fishing effort in nature and subsequently reduce the pressure of the natural stocks. The socio-economic fabric of the EU areas involved in fishing are affected by the structural reforms of the CFP. The Community must be able to provide accompanying measures to efface the consequences for the fisheries sector and for the economy of areas dependant upon fisheries. Fish tourism is an ideal alternative that will preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the targeted areas and will offer alternative employement in areas dependent on fisheries and other coastal areas. Objectives • Creation of a solid legal framework for ichthyotourism. • Fishermen and workers of the whole sector will have available a set of basic and simple tools to improve their competences and capabilities to recognise and directly manage new working opportunities also with solutions of seasonal or part time work in their traditional social, economical, environmental and cultural heritage • Local policy and decision makers will have available a basic simple methodology and set of tools to read, classify and exploit “local resources” as potential resources attracting new employment and working opportunities, both for younger & surplus manpower coming from different economic sectors (& fishery too). • “Map of the Working Opportunities at local level” will be published and available; it should represent the best example of methodology of how to approach conversion activities and surplus manpower and labour market problems assuming the concept of “effectiveness” of the interventions. Expected Results: • Creation of legal framework • Creation of business plan • Creation of an ichthyotourism manual and other tools to attract people and disseminate results • Development of Coastal Footpaths • Heritage Coast Concept • Issues of Sustainability and carrying capacity • Coastal Nature reserves – Management of Environmentally Sensitive Areas • Economic Evaluation of Ecotourism • Promotion of Ecotourism & agritourism • Other Coastal Leisure Activities

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