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First Step First Aid (İLK ADIM iLK YARDIM)
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project that we will implement during between 14 and 21st august of 2016 named as “First step First Aid” by the members of “Uludağ Üniversitesi İlk Yardım Kulübü” which was founded in medical faculty of Uludağ University will take a place in Nilüfer, Bursa. Our project duration is 7 nights and 8 days. There are 36 participants aged between 17-24.Including Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and Turkey, each country will have 6 participants.Purposes of our project that will take place with 12 with least opportunities, 6 leaders and in total 36 participants from 6 different countries are, to make sure they gain awaraness about first aid, to raise self-confidence by joining to the project actively and learn from other cultures by cultural activities. The reason we choose this project to be about first aid is having a society with limited numbers of people who has knowledge about first aid and knowing this subject to be very important for the health of entire society. Speaking of first-aid, a lot of minds have an immediate image but only a few have an ability to revive this scene for real. So, first aid is a concept that heard by all but known by almost none. Only because of this ignorance, thousands of people loose their lives a year. It is indeed a problem for us when considering a concept that has this much of importance on human life known by very few people where even only seconds matter a lot. For this purposes and reasons we would like to implement this project.Throughout the project activities will be held such as sketch films, theaters, flash mobs, games, cultural workshops, group activities, warming ups, ice breaker&meeting games, evolutionary workshops and trips. Learning by experience, active learning, applied, trial and error learnings, discover through learning and applied learning and such methods from non-formal educational methods will be used. To disseminate our project we will use web sites, facebook, youtube, cd and local newspapers. Target group for dissemination is the youngsters aged between 18-25. At the end of the project, participants will be given 2 certificates as one of them is youthpass certificate and where the otherone is the first-aid education certificate.Expected effects on participants:-to know the importance of first aid-to be able to first and emergency aid-to have developed creativity-to have increased personal skills-to have knowladge about other cultures-to have destroyed prejudice-to recognize youngseters with fewer oppurtunities-to be persons which make effort to reach other people to Erasmus plus programm and take benefit of itExpected effects in long term:-persons are ecpected;-which take more part in NGO's about social responsibility studies-which have knowladge about Erasmus plus programm-which have self confidence-which recognize their own personal skills-which keep contact with the friend who met at the project-which knows the importance of european and national citizenship
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