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Finnish National Youth Convention

The challenges Europe and the EU will be facing in the future were the overall topics of the Finnish National Youth Convention where dozens of young people from all over Finland came together to discuss this important issue in a structured dialogue. The debates were wide-ranging and fascinating with highly motivating young people actively taking part in it. The young people, organised and non-organised, and many outstanding speakers and decision-makers discussed in particular important issues such as employment, youth participation, environment, immigration, developmental cooperation as well as education and democracy in EU which concern almost all young people these days. One highlight was surely that the last day of the convention was held in the Finnish Parliament. Proposals and initiatives made in the workshops were discussed and voted, and the fi nal outcome was the Youth Declaration on the EU. The process was so encouraging that it will continue in the following years. What made the Finnish National Youth Convention so exceptional was that it managed to activate young people and make them discussing European issues while keeping a strong focus on the future.

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