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FinMan - Financial Management for EU Adult Education Providers
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Reason: Working "on project" doesn't mean only to know how to plan activities meeting all call for proposal's requirements and needs, but also to know how to manage EU projects effectively from a financial point of view.The congruity between the realized costs and the activities achieved requires first of all an expert staff both as coordinator and as partner. The procedure of financial reporting within a partnership is a complex phase starting from the end of the project planning to the submitting of the final report to the European Commission: each partner must be able to carry out into effect an internal financial reporting and help the whole partnership to draw up the final report within the expected deadlines.Therefore, it is important that members involved in a partnership acquire and develop joint approaches to improve the quality in the organization and the fulfilment of all activities related to the financial management of EU project in adult education in order to avoid a drop of efficiency and effectiveness of the planning quality and, at least, to avoid the recovery of the financial resources by the European Commission.The proposal aims at deliver a training course related to administrative and financial management at EU level and at realize a Financial Guide targeted to all administrative and financial managers and project coordinators working in EU projects in Lifelong Learning Organisations (LLOs).Outputs and products:- Training Financial Manual (all partners' languages)- Grundtvig Training Course - Website (all partners' languages)- Dissemination materials (all partners' languages)- 6 local seminars/1 Final Conference.Impact:This proposal has a great impact on the quality of the financial project management in adult education helping all LLO providers working on EU proposals to gain a kit of financial tools for an effective financial management of EU projects. We forecast to reach about 300 LLOs in the short-medium term.
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