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Finland + Belgium = Play and work 2-gether!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

't Leebeekje and Suomussalmen want to do a youth exchange with a group of young people from Gent and Suomussalmi. The duration of the project will be 9 days and 8 nights. 't Leebeekje participates with 27 teenagers and 5 supervisors. Suomussalmen participates with 16 teenagers and 4 supervisors. It will be a bilateral exchange between Belgium and Finland. Because both oranizations work with youth with fewer opportunities (= disadvantaged youth), we need more supervisors than anticipated. The title 'Finland + Belgium = Play and work 2-gether' is the red line between our project. 1 (Finland) + 1 (Belgium) = 2! To work out a successful activity, you have to work together. 1 person (Belgium) + 1 person (Finland) = 2 persons! This is very important to organize and complete activities like a day trip, a tournement, a casino, etc. Another way of cooperation is two mixed groups (from Belgium and Finland) for the sportactivities, the city game 'Brussels Express', to do the dishes, etc. And as last, both groups (1 group from Belgium and 1 group from Finland) can work together , for example to prepare the dessert buffet, to work out the creative presentation of the partners, to do some evaluations and reports, etc. Cooperation is an essential condition to make the various parts of the exchange project successful. The accessible activitties are stimulating, exciting, challenging and stimulating for the groups. During the informing of the Belgian participants about a new exchange project, they told us that sports and games; adventure and chilling; to eat together and to relax are important components for a successful exchange. To offer a choice of activities is also an important asset for them. The teenagers told us they want to participate more in the preparation of some activities. Meanwhile, seven youngsters followed a course of animator. Finally, the day trips are an excellent way to make a day fun and meaningful. The proposal of the project is a cooperation between two groups of socially vulnerable youth from two different countries. During the exchange, both groups want to discover and explore each other. Objectives : - The local group of young people from Gent meets the group of young people from Suomussalmen. They want to do activities together, to eat with each other, to know each other, stay together, etc. - To offer disadvantaged youth the chance to have an unforgettable experiance and exchange, and this in a financially feasible way. - To promote group contacts, mutual and with the exchange group, by organizing accessible activities. - To reinforce the solidarity between the young people from 't Leebeekje and Suomussalmen by learning to know each other and to respect each other. - From a pedagogical point of view, learn to know themselves and others in their individuality and limits and to deal with it. - From a emancipatory and participatory point of view, learn to take up responsibility to create a nice atmosphere in the group and a pleasant course of the exchange. - To take young people away from their social isolation by using an innovative and enriching project over the borders. - To remove the geographical obstacles (the people in Suomussalmi live so far away from the civilization). - To reduce the learning disabilities and social obstacles (shyness, introvert personality, lack of friends before they come to our groups). - To promote the cultural and social mix. - To learn to know and enjoy each other's Culture, in short to enjoy the small and the great moments. - To make an effort on a positive way before, during and after the project.

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