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Start date: Jul 20, 2014,

This project is unique volunteering experience build upon the links between youth policy, research and young people in order to provide equal opportunities to local young people with fewer opportunities living in Moldova.The partner organizations and volunteers together aim to explore youth work development on local level which was the starting point of developing this project. This EVS project will enable 28 young volunteers aged from 18-30 from France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Portugal to be engaged in voluntary service projects in Moldova for 12 months. The EVS project also aims to promote bigger innovation and inclusion in local youth work projects. The local youth work activities will engage young people with fewer opportunities in a diverse range of activities, such as the provision of education and services, community and environmental action that will support their social inclusion and integration. This project also aims at raising awareness of Eastern Partnership Window and of the value and importance of volunteering as a form of active engagement and as a tool to develop or improve competencies for personal, social and professional development. We hope we can motivate the local youth to be active within the Youth in Action programme and to become EVS volunteers and / or develop some local or international projects themselves. The volunteers will get many important skills and experiences according to the competencies described in the Youthpass.

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