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FIND YOUR TALENT in multicultural dimension
Start date: May 5, 2015, End date: Nov 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

FIND YOUR TALENT – in intercultural dimension The unemployment rate among the youth is high in all European states. Under 25 years of age the employment rate is 19% in Estonia, 17% in Turkey and 35 % in Portugal, that puts Portugal on the 4-th place among other European countries by Eurostat 2014 data. That was the main reason of choosing Portugal as one partner for the YE. project. Lots of young people are searching the job and doing it for a long period of time. The young people from the rural areas have less access to educational trainings and programs and the unemployment rate is even higher at rural areas. This period of time is excellent for the self reflection and for finding out your own true talent and to search for the new possibilities in life, for training new skills and for empowerment. Many young people are in the phase of change, where they want to find out their talents or more of their talent to make efficient and suitable career shift in their life. The object of the program is to help the young people in building self confidence, training new skills at international, safe, supportive and informal atmosphere. To have an excellent international experience, that will raise the young person standards and make him/her more competetive and confident at the job market. The informal training methods like World Cafe, the use of visual arts enterpreneurship games will be carried out during the Youth Exchange. The international experience shall give the youth more courage and more self-confidence to get the job/position they want. How young people from other countries address to this issue, what support do they have, what institutions are helping them. How are they thinking? Will add content and multicultural value to the whole program. Expected impact for the participatnts will be enchanted self confidence, increase in their own iniciative and increased pro-active behaviour. They will be more competetive in near future at the job market. Participants will be more aware about their own strenghts and talents. 70% of them will be employed during 3 months after the program ends. Number of participants: 30 Profile of the participants: unemployed youth – age group 18 – 30 Suggested selection area - from the rural areas of the countries.
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