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Find your energy - move yourself
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The use of digital media such as computers, internet and TV has greatly expanded in recent decades. They are about to become an important part in the everyday life of young people. Computers and the Internet are used by young people to gather information, communication and entertainment. This development is to be considered controversial. On the one hand, the early use of internet and computers is welcomed and promoted, on the other hand, are health risks located behind the large number of hours in front of the TV. Attention deficit disorders, decreased cognitive performance and obesity are the consequences. Already young people feel increasingly powerless, tired and without energy. Here the project "Find your energy- move yourself" starts. This is a Youth Exchange for youth at the age of 13 and 14 years from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. The project will be performed in July 2015 at the Kolpinghaus Ferlach. The aim is to motivate young people to an active lifestyle. They should become aware of the energy in their body and how to deal with it and get used to exercise, to healthy food and personal wellbeing. By means of experiments, such as a bicycle ergometer, which brings light to a light bulb by moving, the young people should get an idea of the meaning of energy. In small groups they should find out what provides the body with energy and which are energy wasters for humans. In a cooking workshop foods are examined in terms of energy supply and energy provision and processed into a healthy lunch On the basis of trying out different sports answers to questions such as "How can I convert energy in motion" and "How can I use already existing energy for motion" are given. At the end of the activity days a visit to the Waldseilpark Tscheppaschlucht, is on the program. Here it is very important to concentrate energy in your body and focus on the parcoures. Another focus of the youthexchange is the cross-linking of young people from the Alps-Adriatic region. Participants get to know different cultures and learn tolerance and respect for each individual. These values provide opportunities for friendships and future collaboration long after the active days of the youth exchange. The young people learn to communicate in a foreign language, learn word basics in 4 different languages and develop a curiosity about foreign languages and a common Europe.
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