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Find the Best - Competency-based recruitment in public administration
Start date: 01 Jan 2013,

Improving HR management systems in public administration [PA], including professional recruitment systems and fair personnel policies becomes more and more important [OECD]. Desk research and interviews carried out by the consortium revealed that competency based HR management is implemented selectively in public administration. Usually because of the nature of this bodies. In order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of PA employees and to enhance transparency in PA there’s a need to start from the scratch – from recruitment process. The main goal of the project: to enhance the potential and efficiency of human resources in public sector by improvement of recruitment processes organized by public bodies through implementation of competency-based methodology on each stage.Direct target groups: municipalities and their employees, basically: HR managers, directors and managers of departments, units, PA bodies on regional and national level and Indirect target groups: policy-makers, public administration schools, consultants working for public administration as well as all potential candidates for positions in PA.Main results: 1/FTB (Find the best) competency-based recruitment methodology and the web-tool, supporting realization of all processes, including defining recruitment needs, collecting and verification application process, job interview and decision making, defining development plans for new employees and evaluation of their progress in time. 2/Implementation programme including training system and handbook (CD-ROM).Partners are planning widespread valorisation activities among target groups interested in implementation of the method or teaching the innovative approach.The project will have major impact on effectiveness and efficiency of PA employees in Europe thanks to adaptation of new methodology and training programmes. It will also increase knowledge and awareness among public sector bodies on importance of competencies in the time of financial and personal cutbacks.
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