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Start date: Aug 22, 2016, End date: Dec 21, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Non-profit organization "Can you" seeks to support and initiate activities related to the education and development of young people, including the disadvantaged, protecting their legal rights and interests. To accomplish this, the organization uses a variety of techniques, methods and practices of non-formal education, in which coaching plays a major role. The team of the Association has carried out trainings, workshops, seminars and informational events in the form of volunteering and seeks to promote coaching and its benefits on the territory of Bulgaria. The organization actively uses coaching in their work to achieve higher and sustainable over time effect.The project "Follow me" aims to improve young people’s key competences and skills by introducing coaching methodology, techniques and best practices in the work of youth workers from different organizations in countries outside the European Union, which will stimulate a sense of solidarity, intercultural dialogue and international cooperation and reduce social exclusion. Among young people in the target group are included disadvantaged, those with fewer opportunities, from remote geographical locations and refugees, who need professional intervention and assistance in integration, development, integration into society, their adaptation and increasing tolerance and jointly respect. The combination of rich experience of young people, their expertise in working with disadvantaged people, and well-structured seminar part, study visits, networking events and hands-on activities will help to better absorption elements of the coaching techniques and methodology through which will improve work with the target group. As a result of the applied innovative techniques to work with people, young people will achieve personal satisfaction, finding their place in society and be more motivated to achieve your goals, achieving personal balance and develop personal and professional level. In addition, coaching sessions will share best practices through interactive hearing and employment, opposing violence and intolerance among young people.The project aims to strengthen international cooperation between program and partner countries, which contribute to the choice of partners from several countries, covering every point of Unified Europe - Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Georgia, Serbia, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, Jordan and Portugal. Each partner organization has extensive experience in exchange programs and informal training, weaving practice in theoretical and dealing closely with disadvantaged youth. Each of the partner organizations organized annually informative, cultural, sports, volunteer and interactive events that are conducted by representatives with extensive experience and education in the field. In addition, each member of each selected organization participated in various projects and workshops in order to develop constantly, both personally and professionally.The project does not provide for restrictions on the age of the youth workers. During the project inequality will be removed and eradicated, it will promote gender equality through the balanced participation of men and women at any stage of the project and provided in each activity. Will be addressed from the perspective of both sexes and will be played out various outcomes of the activities to avoid potential conflicts and ensure full gender balance. Each of youth workers will participate equally and actively in the planned activities will be able to express their opinions and ideas and will play an important role at every stage, regardless of gender and age in order to be taken into account differences in needs and expectations of different sexes to ensure the achievement of the objectives and results.The program set out in the framework of the project includes several subject-specific cycles. The first cycle will focus on creating an environment closeness and trust among participants. The second round will focus on the discovery of internal desires, ambitions, goals, vision, dreams and needs of young people, starting from the coaching methodology, participants will acquire skills for listening, downloading language barriers, monitoring of body language and its proper read, summarize of what they saw and heard.The third cycle is linked with giving feedback between young Conclusions of incoming first and second.The fourth focuses on results, namely how young people have a complete picture of how to handle coaching methodology to help others on their path of development.Each round will be carried out through two-way exchange of experience and good practices which will encourage creativity, initiative and active participation of all youth workers who will learn to work as a team.
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