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Financial Literacy competencies for adult learners
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Considering the nowadays economical conjuncture it is urgent that citizens are given the appropriate instruments to manage their budgets and to become more aware of the several products and financial mechanisms that financial institutions are making available. The project aims to improve the financial literacy competencies of adult learners in order to prepare them for the challenges and temptations of the consumer society and to prevent situations of financial indebtedness. In order to accomplish this, a toolbox for adult learners, a handbook for trainers and a curricula will be developed, validated and disseminated amongst stakeholders, training institutions and public bodies. The development of these products will be supported by the use of web educational tools, such LMS, and also by other electronic applications, such as simulators. The products will be distributed in the project communication channels, mainly the web site, and will also be translated into each of the partners mother tongues. The project aims to impact not only on adult learners' competencies, but also in new and more adequate training methodologies and resources. This type of project may have a strong impact in the community, since it may allow families to better manage their monthly budget and to increase their savings, allowing for investments. Consequently, there will be an augment of the available capitals and, therefore, the economy will grow and quality of life of citizens will also be improved.
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