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Financial Education - Levering the Implementation Efficiency in Schools
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

This project is undertaken to envisage the main “converter” and at the same time the current main barrier in financial education at school: the willingness and ability of teachers. Additionally, the project wants to support school managers in their willingness and ability to support financial education at school. This subject is important, as the level of financial competence directly affects the future prospects and wellbeing of individuals and societies. Its importance is also reflected e.g. in the policy of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which envisages a financial literacy framework for 2012. The problem is urgent, as the situation worsens without proper countermeasures: The amount of information, options and complexity is growing fast and, at the same time, risk and responsibility tend to be transferred from producers to consumers: Especially in times of financial turmoil and economic instability, even small mistakes may have dire consequences. In general, by providing interdisciplinary financial education at school, pupils will be able to think and act cross-linked and more independently after graduation at school. We firmly believe that the measures proposed by this project, along with other initiatives, can change the situation substantially. To foster the pace of levering the efficiency of financial education at school, we want to deliver coherent financial contents in different subjects by interesting teaching examples on the basis of existing curricula. Primarily we refer to already existing and free-of-charge available information and teaching materials, often delivered and being kept state-of-the-art by national and international financial institutions, associations and governmental institutions. Too, we will use the latest information and communication technologies, including social web. This should be transferred according to a systematic plan of well-coordinated measures by supporting teachers and school managers.
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