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Film It Out Loud : Video Advocacy for empowerment of youth against exclusion
Start date: Feb 4, 2011,

The recent development of the new media technologies which is fast becoming one of the most prominent ways of communication between people, most notably within the youth population, has provided a new platform for social activism, social research and exchange of information on human rights. Video advocacy is an emergent media form that is the outcome of a process of integrating video in the advocacy effort towards enhancing the visibility or impact of human rights campaigns.This training course focuses on advocacy against social exclusion implemented for and by young people with fewer opportunities, who often lack the necessary competences and experiences in order to voice out the issues that are affecting them. This training course will discuss the different and complex social contexts these youngsters come from in SEE and EU as well as provide valuable learning experiences for young people, develop their new media skills, intercultural communication skills and the ability to work in teams, developing the habit of staying involved in an activity on a regular basis or at least for some time, taking responsibility etc.This training course will introduce youth workers and youth with less economical opportunities from the Programme (UK, Portugal, Greece, France) and South East European (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia) countries to the specific methodology of video advocacy as well as with the hands-on-knowledge on the distribution and production practices of this kind of media that the new technologies offer to the third sector. The training will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, ahd led by the organizing team of Vega Youth Center as well as by trainers from the Undercurrents ngo from Swansea, UK.Through this seven day training, youngsters and their mentors will work together on the creation of video advocacy documentary which will represent the voices of marginalized urban youth communities in the urban settings of Belgrade, Serbia.The European dimension of the project is grounded in the set of values that are represented through the methodology, contents and the outcomes of this workshop - promoting cultural diversity, human rights and social education through creative practice. The team of trainers, organizers and participants will also add an intercultural quality to the learning/creative process and the expected production.
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