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Start date: Apr 30, 2015, End date: Jul 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A youth exchange in Italy, in Biella, between Albania and Italy from 16th to 23rd June 2015. 20 youngsters aged between 13 and 14 years old to work on environmental issues and also about EU citizenship, as behaviour, rules, opportunities and intercultural dialogue. There was a leader and a vice leader for each group, in order to make a better assistnce to minors. In the project we used non-formal education methods: workshops, brainstorming and discussions, ice-breaking games, creativity laboratories and presentations. In addition we used few more traditional methods like visits and an exposition in down town with a flash mob. The whole activity is perceived as a mutual exchange of learning situation based on participants’ experiences and opinions. Active participation, group and team work; learning by doing formed the methodological foundation of the exchange. Our aim is that participants can gain knowledge, skills and experience through learning by doing. Since it was the first time in a project like that for all the participants, it was done a workshop about Erasmus Plus Programme, explaining them the opportunities and the context, to prepare them for their future chances and activities, YouthPass and we also worked on some ideas for future projects, also to implement in participants' life what they learned. There were a couple of meetings with the Municipalities of the area, in order to understand better the collection of garbage and recycling tools, but also a trip with open air activities, with practical exercises and games dedicated to the environment. The final event they had it was useful to disseminate project's results and also to promote recycling culture, it was supported by the Municipality of Biella. With a flash mob the participants attracted people and then they showed the objects that they created during workshops with recycled material, in order to sensibilize the people, giving to them also some ideas on how they can use part of the garbage. The project had two main goals: to share knwoledge and best practices about environment, comparing Italy, that is working on this issue, and Albania, that is at the very beginning and urgently need to implement a strategy for environment protection; to involve kids at the minimum age to participate in an Erasmus Plus youth exchange, to teach them the opportunities and to prepare them for the future steps, as young people and also as students. Also the participants learned about the environment and how to apply the rules to protect environment in their daily life, at home and at school. Italians participants were already involve, in their schools, in projects about the environment, for Albanians was the first time to work on this issue. The objectives were: a)to raise awareness about today’s’ problem of environmental and importance of recycling; b)to provide a ground for young people to meet and to learn new and creative ways for recycling the waste that is created by our everyday actions; c)to discuss about various environmental problems, especially those created by an extensive use of resources; d)to learn about various recycling techniques; e)use art like tool for creative work and promote recycling; f)to create a manual for youth workers and educators on creative workshops using everyday garbage as a resource. The objectives were reached thanks to the cooperation between the two NGOs and the leaders, who managed, also with the help of some experts, the activities, explaining the topics, using then brainstorming and discussions to help participants to understand better and to be active, then participants also worked in group on single themes, going so to the workshops dedicated to recycling, in which participants created some objects, using plastic bottles and bags, old newspapers and magazines and some colours also. Then they prepared the flash mob, using also some steps from traditional dances to be original to attract the people and then they showed the products and explained what they learned during the project to the spectators. In open air the did then some games and activities to learn more about environment protection, learnign how to live in nature. On the manual we are working, to share the experience with other NGOs. About the video planned at the beginning, Italian parents did not allowed us to do it, because they did not want their kids involved in a video. The benefits were to improve their knowledge about the topic, but now, we will send a brief questionnaire in Autumn to check it, the most important thing is to implement what they learned in theur daily life and also for Albanians to export a model in the school, to start some project about environment, as for Italians to use what they learned to improve the quality of their lifes, related to environment protection, saving resources and using recicled material.
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