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Filière Euro Qualité Logistique des Organisations

EURO-QLIO is a virtual campus based on the creation of a thematic course consisting of a triple bachelor’s and master’s degree between France, Romania and Bulgaria. As a virtual campus, EURO-QLIO is highly unusual in that it is primarily based on the use of ICT tools (a distance study platform and multimedia modules) and involves mixed forms of teaching (distance teaching using a collaborative platform and face-to-face with group sessions). All courses will involve distance tutoring, provided by teams of teachers from the three different countries. The additional training and assessments will be carried out during the group sessions. The globalisation of degrees is performed via the transposition of the content in the various languages (English, French, Romanian and Bulgarian); the pooling of contacts in industry, from SMEs to the leading global groups; the transfer of tools, know-how and methodology among companies (approval and placing of trainees in companies) and local universities; and becoming part of and establishing links with the socio-economic fabric of the partner countries. The aim of the EURO-QLIO project is to create a European thematic course for the study of quality, industrial logistics and organisation. Pathways to success in all fields of activity, these disciplines are now essential for companies seeking to improve their performance and competitiveness at European level. EURO-QLIO will train future professionals who are European in outlook and are capable of shaping a company’s processes in order to enhance its performance. Finally, EURO-QLIO will result in a sharp rise in the number of diplomas from partner universities, the increasing development of university/company partnerships, and the development of an area of exchange and transnational cooperation for teachers and students.
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