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Start date: Jun 23, 2016, End date: Jan 22, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project is a youth exchange in the context of KA1.Content of the Project: Nowadays, one of the biggest problems which threatens young people is substance addiction. Especially for its cheap and its accessibility, use of bonsai increases recently and it is a big danger for future generation.Bonsai is a synthetic substance and its use spreads among young people increasingly. It contains more than 400 chemicals. Because young people are unaware about permanent damage caused by Bonzai, and because of this substance is cheap and the effect of the negative psychological problems caused by their age, they tend to use it.Our future is in the hands of young people. Because of the bonsai is a substance which can not still be discovered and be understood, young people, especially adolescents, are threatened seriously. Time to time some problems caused by bonsai were setting out in the news but the news were banned by government and this caused a new dimension accordingly the number of individuals who don’t know the substance and unaware of the event increased. Struggle with bonsai is conducted in secret, in terms of not to attract publicity and this struggle is limited with a specific section. There are micro level projects which will adress to public as an essential requirement to show young people the danger of bonsai.Aims of the Project: General purpose of our project is to develop new measures for avoiding bonzai addiction.Our special goals are as follows:1- To teach young people the harms of bonsai2- To create awareness on local people about the matter of bonsai’s danger3- To do preventive studies for young people who are intended to use bonsai 4- To make young people conscious of bonsai and the other drugs’ harms5- To create new project drafts which are aimed at struggle with bonsai6- To create awareness on young people about the importance of sport for struggling with addiction7- To increase the number of cooperation with institutions that work with young people8- To disseminate good practices which aims fighting with drug addiction.The number of participants and participant profiles: 10 participants from each country will participate in the project.Some of our participants have a certain competence about the subject and the others are not aware of it and new in these kinds of youth projects. Some participants are away from the active life, can not enter into the social life because of various obstacles and they are young people who are in danger of exclusion.On the other hand, there are young people who are entrepreneur and active in social life, and want to take an active part in social events among the participants. It is aimed to get a better yield by bringing people who have a competence level within active life philosophy and who have lack of active life.Methodology and activities: The methods that will be used in our project; games, energyzers, group work, discussion, ice breakers, team work, role play, learning by living, interactive presentations, brainstorming, question answer, on-site learning, teaching, observation, performing sample event, simulation, individual study, report writing and survey.Our activities are as follows;Presentation of the project, acquaintance games, presentations of institutions, activity to create group dyamics, daily evaluation, cultural night, presentations of bonsai, designing poster, NGO fair, dissemination of good practices, governership visit, searching solutions for drug, circuit training, preparing and performing drama about struggle with addiction, prevention works for drug addictions, presentation of ERASMUS+, Youthpass game, drafting projects and their presentations, creating partnership activities, reporting, survey. Expected results and effect: Young people will be aware of bonsai and the dangers that bonsai will bring. They will be more conscious, will understand the importance of sport for struggling with addiction, will develop new project ideas for that danger.Awareness will be created on local people about the importance of bonsai’s danger by the dissemination activities. Good practices will be adapted and used on the area. As a result of this, the number of young people who use bonsai will be decreased.Young people, who are our future, will be more active in social life and they will be more beneficial, questioner, involved individuals for their country.The participants will take part in discussions about the formation and future of the European Union. Young people who come together from different countries and have a variety of cultures will have a possibility to describe common values. This will contribute to appearance and increasing of “European citizenship” idea which is one of the EU’s priorities.Long term benefits : Young people who are socialised, get to know better each other and develope the philosophy of life by NGO fair and the other activities will want to write new projects.

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