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Fertility Awareness for Responsible Parenting
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

Supporting responsible parenting means creating conditions for each single new life to be welcomed when entering the world. A widespread culture of responsible parenting can generate more balanced and sustainable families and less critical upbringing situations for children. Making responsible decisions in parenting depends on many social, economical and psychological variables, but one element is central: fertility awareness (FA). Being aware of how sexuality works (physiology of fertility), of its values (personal beliefs about sexuality, and potential inter-couple conflicts due to, e.g., different cultures or habits), along with knowledge of means to regulate it are a requisite of responsible parenting. Also, FA is a prerequisite for women to maange their career and professional life: supporting FA training means supporting gender equity. Finally, FA training is an opportunity to approach young women (prospective mothers) and women/mothers with a continuing education offer.This project stems from the long-term collaboration of a European network of FA training organizations, mostly non profit organizations. In collaboration with academic partners and a specialist in training design and in the development of techology-enhanced training materials, the project aims at (a) collect good practices from all partners (b) developing a shared trainers training progam for FA teachers (c) develop updated, sound and effective training materials for both trainers training and FA training.The project will direcly provide training for 30 new trainers and for over 200 people; also, it will generate new expertise within participatin organizations so that the programs will be replicated. Through its extended network of associated partners, the project will reach out to about 100 organizations Europe-wide, and approach local authorities and policy makers.

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