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fem tec! Europa (trabajamos el empoderamiento en la calle - encourage entrepreneurship on the street)
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Office of Pla Jove (OPJ) of Barcelona Provincial Council is a second-level entity, which supports the implementation of youth policies and projects of municipalities in the province, especially those asking specialised technical and organisational capacity. In this case, OPJ acts as leader in this proposal and helps the town of Manresa to execute it, providing the capacity and expertise to act and ensuring the impact of this project even beyond the municipality. Manresa is chosen for this proposal because of its knowledge and previous experience in the field (traditional games and youth participation). Games play an important role in the development of the individual because they meet the necessity for action and expression, promoting physical and intellectual skills, giving insights about how to relate to people as well as social values and norms needed for adult life (Maestro, F: 2005). The practice of all kind of games offers young people chances for personal development; traditional games can encourage creativity, improve health (physical, mental and emotional), strengthening values and attitudes, increasing skills (Castro Morera, M: 2008). The nowadays-gradual disappearance of traditional games, used by children freely in leisure areas, demands an educational intervention to make sure that these cultural events, deeply rooted socially, do not disappear of the socialisation and they are a resource for children. (Carmona, R .: 2012). Based on this fact, our project aims to enhance the empowerment of youth people to their personal autonomy through the practice of traditional game and the non-formal education. The name Fem tec! Europe is an expression linked to the leisure culture; in Catalan means “getting one point” and, figuratively, to achieve a goal or reach an agreement. It is expected the participation of two groups of 10 young people from different social backgrounds (including youth at risk of exclusion) coming from two informal groups of young in Manresa (Spain) and Verona (Italy), both linked to the culture of popular and traditional games. The project activity will focus on two events related to popular and traditional games, which will be held in these cities. Prior to the first meeting, young people will carry out a study about traditional and popular games played in their region and they will practice them, using Facebook and twitter to keep in touch all of them with the transnational group and to share the knowledge and experience acquired. The meeting in Manresa aims to design a joint project to be executed and presented in Verona. During the meeting, young people will receive specific and instrumental training for the implementation of the common project (critical analysis, communication, creativity, ICT, teamwork, entrepreneurship). Thus, they will present their project in Verona to the visitors of Tocati. The project will deal with the acquired experience and it will have the format that young decide: exhibition of games, exhibition, video, ... It is expected that participation in the project offers to young participants’ new insights about the richness of European culture, especially about tradition and practice of popular games but also benefits the improvement of attitude towards cultural diversity, respect, initiative, cooperation, entrepreneurship, fairness and open-mindedness. It is also expected to improve their employability due to the acquisition and practice of generic skills during the design and implementation of the common project. At local level, they expected to improve the knowledge of citizens about traditional game and its capacity of inclusion, cohesion and skills development of young people. Moreover, the interaction of young with a peer group could act as multiplier factor both for the played games as well as the Fem tec project!. At regional level, the Barcelona Provincial Council will promote the transferability and transfer of the project to other municipalities, showing the acquired experience and the developed methodology. At European and/or international level, the AEJST (Association Européenne des Jeux et Sports Traditionnels) and Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare will have the methodology to be used in other cities and countries.
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