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farms Up! Fostering the emerging agro-entrepreneurial culture through dynamic training solutions
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

At a time where EU farm incomes rose by 6.7% compared to 2010, the agricultural sector in Greece is shrinking by a 4% rate annually (Eurostat). Effective agro-entrepreneurial activities are suggested as remedy to allow farmers to become more competitive and capitalize on this growing European economy. Thus, sustainable agro-entrepreneurial practices are expected to be beneficial for an economic recovery and growth in Greece, as they could be a way out of the current financial crisis, especially as there is great potential for the Greek agricultural sector if it becomes more business oriented, more efficient and more competitive.To this end, the ‘farms Up!’ project aims to foster the emerging agro-entrepreneurial culture through dynamic training solutions and while improving farmers’ entrepreneurial skills and competencies through the promotion of 22 LdV projects that will assist them into becoming better entrepreneurs and to acquire knowledge on how to brand and market their products, in order to get the recognition they deserve. The project innovation stems on the solution-focused approach, available at the ‘farms Up! vortal, which allows for a sophisticated matching between the training solutions of 22 LdV projects and the farmers’ needs. This matching approach, starts from a soft gamification solution and leads to a personalised search for training solutions for agro-entrepreneurship. The organisation of 4 regional workshops and a final conference will work as a dialogue build-up in order to ensure that the solution-focused approach has a direct and immediate impact on farmers.The consortium has a remarkable European capacity (only COPA represents ~13 million farmers and 72 Member Organisations) in respect of research specialization, visibility, direct access to beneficiaries, mobilization bodies playing a decisive role in agro-entrepreneurship and with the potential to have an intervention in European policy-making.
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