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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As the result of the assessment of requirements analysis from our schools after publication of Erasmus+ application guides, it has been concluded that “Although our teachers are experienced in their areas, they do not have sufficient education and information experience in relation with the students with special needs. We aim that the students with special needs continue to their education with their peers having no incompatibility by increasing information and compatibilities of teachers working in our county in relation with special education and inclusion area owing to this project. A questionnaire shall be drafted by the project team in order to determine project participators. As the result of the assessment of the questionnaire, 27 individuals prescribed that their contribution to the project and achievements from the project shall be high from our 9 schools. It is planned to take the education program with the subject “education of students with special needs” prepared by the home country for the needs of our teachers. Travel, insurance, visa, social security and guidance works of the participators shall be planned and conducted by the Project Conduct Team established in our Directorate in the project preparation stage. Education, accommodation and food and beverage needs of the participators shall be planned and provided by the host institution. Studies in relation with removal of risks that may occur during conduct of project and preparation of participators for activity shall be carried out by the Project Conduct Team. Our directorate, host institution and participators shall be in touch via e-mail, skype and whatsapp in relation with the works of project. EDUCATION CONTRACT that shall be drafted by the Project Conduct Team and shall contain responsibilities and obligations of the both sides shall be signed between host institution, project participators and our Directorate. Studies that shall be made during activity shall be followed by the monitoring and assessment team formed among the participators. After the project; • The participators recognizes the student with special needs by the information and experience he/she has gained after the education and includes the student to the education period by making studies for individual interest, desire and needs of the student. • Since he/she prepares educational, social and physical environments suitable for characteristics of the students with special needs, adaptation, success and self-confidence shall be easier and early-relinquishment from school shall be prevented by ensuring their participation. • Unconditional acceptance, toleration, cooperation, common life, democratic and moral understandings of the peer students without special needs and their behaviours of seeing their incompatibilities, accepting and removing them develop. • Processes of getting over the crisis periods and acceptance of the families having a child with special needs get easier.
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