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Family Online Resources and Youth Opportunity Units (FOR YOU)
Start date: Aug 21, 2011, End date: Aug 21, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

FOR YOU will enhance the regions’ capacity to deal with the problems of disadvantaged groups, particularly children and families at risk proposing innovative way of dealing with the problems in the following aspects: 1. Identification the exact problems and needs of children and families at risk in the region and thus focusing the activities on meeting of the certain problems; 2) Improving the capacity of the specialists dealing with the problems by creating professional network, training, and best practices exchange. The professional network will also be online supported thus enabling a continuous exchange of knowledge, information and materials. 3) Development and provision of an innovative internet based platform for supporting children and families at risk which would be oriented on providing useful practical tools and materials for parents and young people from the region. The information will be free of charge, based on psychological, socio-pedagogical and sociological theories, and delivered in an interactive and attractive way (with animations, games, and music), comprehensive and according to the age style. It is essential that the project is implemented in Kjustendil and Leskovac since they are some of the major cities in the cross-border region, and achieving project’s goal and improving the regions’ capacity for dealing with the problems of disadvantaged groups would significantly improve the capacity for promoting social inclusion of the disadvantaged groups, of raising awareness and preventing discrimination in the cross-border region as a whole. Also, the partnership between “Viva Pautalia” and "People’s Parliament" is very crucial due to the fact that both the organizations are presented by professionals who are familiar with the topic and highly experienced in dealing with problems of disadvantaged groups in the cross-border region. Achievements: The project achieved the following results:1. Specific needs and problems of disadvantaged groups and existing social services were identified through the sociological research, implemented in the municipalities of Kyustendil and Leskovac;2. The innovative sustainable Internet based platform for supporting disadvantaged groups was developed and promoted:;3. International partnerships were generated and professional network of specialists dealing with the problems of children and families was developed, enhanced and consolidated. 63 professionals from Bulgaria and Serbia participated in the workshops in Leskovac andKyustendil. The professionals signed Declarations of Commitment in which they declare their will to be part of the created network and to contribute to the popularization of the project results. They also are registered in the innovative internet based platform and have profiles,describing in details their education, corresponding field of work, competences and contact information;4. 200 Best practices handbooks in Bulgarian and Serbian were printed and handed out to the participants at the workshop in Kyustendil with the purpose to disseminate it among local community in both cross-border municipalities;5. Project brochure was designed and printed in order to disseminate the information among the local population. The project was also advertised in a variety of regional media including television, newspapers, and online media.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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