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"Family live on Stage" - A Prism of European Cultural Diversity

Our project aims at reflecting past and present aspects of family life in different European countries, progressing from improvising on objects to writing, rehearsing and performing entire plays. To develop the scripts, extra-theatrical inputs and the personal experience ofe students will be used - it is highly important that students integrate their own ideas and creativity into the production process so that the plays reflect their individual and collective reality. Each school will regularly run theatre workshops based on its curriculum. They will lead to regular national productions complemented by international productions during Comenius visits. Inter-cultural awareness will be at the basis of the project as the content of the plays will revolve around facets of European families. The school community and public authorities will be invited to all performances. The project will culminate in the partners' participation in the celebrations of the European Capital of culture (Essen, 2010). International visits will include language workshops, workshops with theatre professionals, visits of the local theatres, performances of pre-prepared national and jointly-developed international shows as well as evaluation and proposals for improvement. Between visits students will communicate via email (E-twinning) in the language of their preference.

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