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Faire vivre notre "Swede home"
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cepoy, 2004 inhabitants for an area totalizing 68488 inhabitants is located 80miles south of Paris, in the Centre-Val de Loire Region in the Loiret Department.It was labelled "Euro Citizen Town" in May 2012 for its aid programs in favor of children. The Swedish City of Dals-Ed has about 5000 is located 110 miles north of Gothenburg and 30miles from the Norwegian border. The Twinning Cepoy/Dals-Ed was created in 1998, from the intention to pay homage to Raoul NORDLING the general consul of Sweden in France during the second world war. In October 2012, relations between Cepoy and Dals-Ed became closer with the inauguration of the House of Sweden in the heart of Cepoy. The architecture of the Swedish house incorporates the main features of Dalsland houses of the 19th century to reflect the culture of our twin city. The Swedish Home was built to give new dimensions to the exchanges by promoting local involvement in the decisions made by the two Committees.We have since turned it into a "Swedish Café" for various activities and meetings. You can find several permanent exhibitions in the Swedish Home. As an example, you will learn more about the different stages of the construction-"Technicians, Carpenters Fitters" students from the technical college "Château Blanc" in Châlette sur Loing had a project in partnership with our own volunteers and their teachers. the students helped the builders with home construction ( windows, floor, and so on).student professionals in the areas of "Sanitary Facilities" and "Electronics" were responsible for the installation of the House's main facilities (plumbing, heating, electricity); a second one about the life of Raoul NORDLING -the Swedish Consul who saved Paris in August 1944 and is buried in Cepoy and at last a third one "showcase "of our twin city. You will also discover temporary exhibitions related to present events.themes can be found on our website and our Facebook page. Until now, we had an exhibition about the "Red House" and Olle NORLING's Photos, another one about ABBA.We welcomed Bengt OHLSSON , a Swedish writer to present two of his novels translated into French: "Kolka" and "Syster". Dan DERIEUX performed a lecture about the"Vikings" and Cindy and Laura DERIEUX signed the "Vikingard Danegeld" their strip cartoon.... In this context of discovery of the Scandinavian way of life, the twinning Committee sets up a program of activities led by a young European Culture Volunteer Service.Our Swedish House wants to be a gateway to Europe.You can come and meet theses young volunteers who learn the French language and learn more about the French culture. this will give you the opportunity to talk about Scandinavia and its customs and traditions over a Swedish coffee fruit juice, kanelbullar or peppakakorr.... During winter,when the "Swedish Café" is closed ,we work in partnership with the Municipality and the local schools.Generally we build a project together considering our young volunteer's talents and proposals. We take part in special events when the theme is related to Europe in the Department or Region.
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