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Fair Trade education and awareness
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context and background of the project: Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional world trade, a partnership between producers and consumers, based on mutual benefit and respect which ensures that producers in the South receive a fair price for their work and gain better access to markets in the North. It aims to tackle the long term problems of the South through sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers. We want to rise the awareness of the population of Luxembourg towards the social conditions of those mostly rural and disadvantaged producers in the South and to develop a sense of empathy with them. Objectives of the project: - work on development education in schools, youth associations and children's day places for fair trade products and philosophy. - rise awareness and a sense of empathy with disadvantaged producers in the South. - attending fairs and markets to explain fair trade principles to people of any age groups and participation in world shops and cultural projects. We want to give the opportunity to the young people to better enable them to make their university study choices and enlarge their employability on the labour market. We also feel the need to enrich our association with other people’s opinion about us and our work. We seek to broaden our horizon through the contact with international volunteers. Number and profile of the participants: Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg may host 3 volunteers for 12 months in Luxembourg. The candidates should have background interest in fair- trade and in North–South relations in general. The candidates need motivation to work independently, to be open minded towards people and have an idea about voluntary service (want to help, to learn, having new experiences). Activities' description: The main activities planned are frequent and regular pedagogical sessions with children at schools, children's day places or at youth homes. In addition to this far more than half time pedagogical activity all year round, the volunteers may assist at a large variety of office related duties and awareness campaigns as follows: Autumn 2015: part time assistance in the preparation of the campaign "Fair Trade Chocolate Festival". December 2015: occasionally week-end presences at local Christmas markets and other events to be identified. Spring/Easter 2016: part time assistance in a national awareness raising campaign and support at a market promoting fair-trade products. Summer 2016: follow-up of all the activities, pedagogical and awareness raising ones. All year round: sales support in one of the World Shops half a day each week for one of the three volunteers selected. Monthly meetings with our "young fair-trade" group. Regularly: assistance in website, twitter and facebook updating including a training with our webmaster, database management, assistance to the editorial staff of the homepage and the newsletter "FairTrade News", etc. All activities take place within the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Methodology used: We often use team working and peer education, despite the candidates should also be able of independent working where they will always be assisted by the supervisor and our office staff respectively the world shop staff. We strongly would like to emphasize that Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg adapts itself a lot to the will and the character of the volunteers. The projects can thus be shifted according to capacities, passions and motivations of the volunteers. Results/impact/longer term benefits: An immediate result among others is a large learning effect on the volunteers who make pedagogical experiences, acquire or deepen their fair-trade and ICT knowledge, language and trading skills and thus sharpen their idea of the future study field. As the EVS activity's aim is increasing the awareness of the population to fair-trade products, increasing sales figures make third world producers benefit from EVS directly, which finally is the desired impact and long-term benefit on an international level.
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