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Fail Forward Laboratory Training
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

'Failing Forward Lab' Co. Wicklow, Ireland 25th October-1st November, 2015 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better' (Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989) In today’s society young people have to learn during and for the rest of their lives, both personally and professionally. Education provided by formal institutions it is just not enough. Often young people who did not do well in school feel they cannot learn or don’t have the learning skills they need; not sure what their talents and passions are, and what learning goals they want to set for themselves. Because of the negative connotation of failing some people stay away from learning in general. They don’t want to fail because failing is very often considered as 'not making the mark' and not being able to deliver what you are supposed to. The research shows that people who are able to see failing and making mistakes as part of a learning and development process are more motivated and more effective in their lifelong learning processes. With this project we wanted to show that failing is a part of learning, especially self-directed learning (a process in which the individual learner takes the initiative, with the support of others, to diagnose their learning needs, formulate learning goals, identify support for learning, select and implement learning strategies and evaluate learning outcomes). If learners are able to embrace failing as part of learning process that can help to achieve so much more in learning and life in general! We consider failing to be: • A source of information for next learning steps; • A part of learning and moving forward; • An experience, that is an essential step on the way to succeeding. In other words, people who take the risks and embrace failing builds resilience that helps them to move forward in all areas of their life. 'Failing Forward Lab' brought together 34 youth workers and community workers, volunteers, youth leaders, young activists, trainers and teachers from Ireland, Belgium, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Croatia, Georgia, Italy and Bulgaria. Together we created non-formal learning laboratory environment in Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. During this training course participants were able to experience failing forward for themselves by actively engaging with the course program and the group. Participants had an opportunity to discover tools and methods for introducing ‘fail forward’ concept within organizations in their home countries. The main objective of this training course was: • To offer educators (youth workers and community workers, volunteers, youth leaders, young activists, trainers and teachers) the safe, courageous and supportive non-formal and self-directed learning environment to 'Try again. Fail again. Fail better' The main aims for 'Failing Forward Lab' were: • To experience and explore what it means to embrace 'failing forward' as an essential part of self-directed learning as a learner; • To discuss how to support failing forward as part of a learning when working with groups and individuals; • To experience what it means to use self-directed learning and co-active coaching as ways to support 'failing forward' in learning; • To try out creative tools and methods to support 'failing forward' in learning; • To exchange opinion and experiences about the opportunities and challenges in the specific educational context of each participant and to embrace 'failing forward' as part of learning lifelong learning; • To spread the fire about failing forward to the partner organizations where participants work/volunteer; • To encourage continues learning and growing as a 'failing forward' practitioners. We believe that by taking part in this training course participants developed team building and problem solving skills when taking part in group building activities; conflict resolution and decision making skills when working in small groups and caring out tasks. Self-expression through English language improved and personal and professional learning gaols were set using self-directed learning methodology and failing forward approach. We explored self-development methods that required stepping out of the comfort zone while working in inter-cultural and age diverse group. Self-awareness and confidence in participants grew through active participation in this training course, thus oral/ written communication skills and well as ability to empathise and to relate to others. Expected impact on the participating organizations: We believe that by getting involved in European 'Failing Forward Movement' partner organizations became a pioneers in its development. Through their representatives organizations r
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