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Facing the great war EASIER - Educational Adaptive Script for INteractive Exchange on Rememberance

The commemoration of the Great War will result in a surge in demand from both politicians and society to involve schools in remembrance education. However, remembrance education must be done with caution. Historians argue for more historical criticism. It is important to look at the theme of war from many perspectives. We commemorate nowadays in a different way than immediately after the Great War and in different ways in different countries. Remembrance today is reversed in a message of peace for Europe. “Remembrance education is working on an attitude of active respect in today’s society, based on the collective memory of human suffering that was caused by human activities such as war, intolerance, or exploitation and that must never be forgotten. (The definition of remembrance education by the Special Committee for Remembrance Education in Flanders. The aim of the EASIER project is to design a cross border Educational Adaptive Script for Interactive Exchange on Remembrance aimed at teachers (an pupils) of schools who plan an outing to the Westhoek, both to West-Flanders and/or to Kent (and with extension also Flanders – England). This Adaptive script will be developed in close collaboration with teachers and with the Special Committee for Remembrance education. In addition to schools we will also made use the expertise of the heritage sector, the museums and the province. Students are encouraged to get actively involved get started. The project will also develop a web site, social media and an online learning community in preparation for a trip to West Flanders or to Kent, to use in the classroom. The result of the project is an adaptive script to plan a trip to the Westhoek, linked to two conferences to inform teachers. The intention is that the script and website will be a useful tool in the long term to be used by pupils and teachers in preparation for a trip to the Westhoek and or to Kent around this important historical event.

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