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FACING the creative industries to innovate entrepreneurship
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cultural background, education, religion and language are just some of the variables characterizing the modern appearance of a business. These different "colors" lead us to the definition of the "plural" and heterogeneous enterprise, increasing the importance of an “aware” management of the human resources. This phase of change shows up strongly in the Creative Industries economic segment, whereas the peculiar characteristics of the various sectors imply the need for training organisations, to adapt and continually modernize their contents, tools and methodologies, in order to play in a proactively and functional way their formative and support function. FACING offers a concrete answer to this needs, focusing on the Human Resources area as a well recognised driver of innovation and fundamental factor of creative enterprises’ competitiveness. Long-term goal of the project is to modernize the capacity to provide training of the Italian organisations involved, generating a strong impact on the territory and contributing to the regeneration of the competitive potential of the Italian Creative Industries and Venetian in particular, thanks to the new shared knowledge and competences. FACING middle – short term goal is to establish a stable network of trainers and experts who, benefiting from the mobility actions (training staff), abroad within the Centers of Excellence partners of the project, will use the acquired tools in order to support the economic fabric maximising the know-how. FACING also aims to involve the entrepreneurial component, flanking and supporting trainers and experts through training assignment experiences at the Centers of Excellence partners of the project, in order to involve them in the innovation process as a proactive actor and fostering the creation of an effective and stable transnational network of entrepreneurs, trainers and experts in the field of the Creative Industries. Mobility actions will see the following: For Staff training activities: - the staff of the training organisations and associations, part of the National Consortium; - the trainers of the training organisations and associations, part of the National Consortium. For the training assignment: - entrepreneurs (or HR Managers), working into the Creative Industries who are responsible for the managing and training of the Human Resources within the company. Any planned mobility action will last 3 to 4 days and it will be set as follows: - the staff of the Consortium members will benefit from targeted training opportunities, set up on the basis of the training needs expressed by the individual beneficiary in the selection process. These elements will be connected to the training actions offered by the foreign partners; - selected entrepreneurs will share their experience and expertise in the delivery of training programs at foreign partners premises, getting the opportunity to compare their methodologies and management principles in the Human Resources field. FACING therefore aims to produce a direct impact on: - staff and trainers of the National Consortium, enriching and/or updating their professional skills and acquiring specific tools for a wise and profitable management of human resources; - partners of the National Consortium, which will bridge the gap existing in its training offer to Creative Industries in order to effectively tackle the demands of the economic fabric; - entrepreneurs providing and sharing their experience and expertise in a peer learning process; - staff of the foreign Partners, as beneficiaries of the training assignment actions, through which will be able to expand their professional competences, comparing and testing their methodologies with working contexts abroad. In the long term the project aims to make an impact: - on the Italian territory and in particular on the Veneto Region, as the whole planned training activities are set up on the basis and in response to the needs expressed by stakeholders and final clients of the skills and know-how acquired by the beneficiaries; - on the National Consortium members, entrepreneurs and foreign partners, as the whole complex of the planned actions will result in the construction of an informal network of shared knowledge, skills and methodologies, which will continue to grow and be enriched by the progressive mutual acquaintance. The entrepreneurial component, in particular, will also be able to get in touch with foreign markets of interest, benefiting from new business opportunities and internationalizing their company. Similarly, National Consortium members and foreign Partners will benefit from new opportunities offered by the international cooperation.

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